How to Rank Up Fast in BattleBit Remastered

Unlock guns faster

Whether you are looking to get cool new gadgets or try out powerful new weapons, you are going to need to rank up. Gaining levels in BattleBit Remastered can be quite a grind, but we have some helpful tips that can get you up those ranks a little quicker than standard gameplay.

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How to Gain Ranks Quickly in BattleBit Remastered


While medical roles are available in many games, they are extremely critical in BattleBit. Once a player is wounded they cannot regain health without the assistance of a Medic. If you are the one doing the healing you can earn a decent amount of experience just by holding right click.

First, spawn in as a medic and then find your way to a congested part of the map. This could be the corner of a building or a particularly useful hill, but you want to be where the players are congregating.

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Now set up at the back of the fighting and wait until you see someone get killed. Dive in and hit F to grab them, before pulling them back to safety. Revive the player for 400xp, and then equip your medical kit and hold right-click to heal them back up to full for even more experience.

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In crowded areas, this can get you a large amount of experience nearly instantly. You can also bind your first aid key to your drag key, allowing you to pick up and revive players with only one key press.

Destroying vehicles

Destroying enemy vehicles nets you 1800xp per vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it is an ATV or a T-90, it all counts. Make sure you carry around some C4, and place it on any abandoned vehicles you come across for an easy experience boost.

Capturing Points

You gain a large amount of experience for capturing objectives, and this is further increased if this is the objective your squad leader has targeted. Work with your squad to roam the map and collect lightly defended objectives, and you’ll gain ranks in no time.

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