How to Qualify for Nursing School in BitLife

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BitLife nursing school
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Before you can pursue a long-term path to nursing in BitLife, you’ll first have to enter university, obtain the right degree, and go to nursing school before applying for your desired role. Let’s discuss the exact step-by-step process of accomplishing this.

How to Enter Nursing School in BitLife

To qualify for nursing school in BitLife, you must have high smarts stats, enter university, and pursue a nursing degree. Nursing is the only degree eligible for nursing school; different science degrees instead lead down the medical school path, while unrelated degrees make you suitable for business, law, and other post-graduate routes.

However, the main upside of the situation is that you do not have to go to graduate school before entering nursing school. Once you finish your four-year nursing degree at university, you can head straight to nursing school and complete its two-year program.

Depending on your character’s country of residence, university and nursing school may have a tuition fee you’ll have to pay. Fortunately, you can apply for a scholarship, and if your smarts stats are high, you’re likely to receive a full ride to both schools. If your university rejects your scholarship application, you can ask your parents to pay or take a loan and pay it off after graduation.

Graduating from university and nursing school means you’re now qualified to become a nurse. At first, you’ll start as an associate nurse, which you can find in the full-time job list after graduation. However, you can climb through the ranks and achieve positions such as an advanced clinician or clinical nurse specialist, significantly raising your annual salary.

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