How to Complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife

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BitLife Tell-Tale Heart challenge
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This week’s BitLife challenge focuses on becoming a male nurse who struggles with addiction, commits a crime, and admits to his wrongdoings. Here’s how to complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Tell-Tale Heart Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the objectives you must fulfil for the Tell-Tale Heart challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a male in Tennessee
  • Become a nurse
  • Murder someone 60+ years old
  • Overcome an alcohol addiction
  • Plead guilty to a murder you committed

Make sure to keep the two crime-related tasks for the end of this challenge. While you can get them out of the way early, pleading guilty to murder and going to jail will prevent you from becoming a nurse unless you emigrate to another country. Although risky, it is generally safer to keep these for later.

Be Born a Male in Tennessee in BitLife

To start the Tell-Tale Heart BitLife challenge, create a male character born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. Select the United States as your starting country and Nashville as your starting place to begin the challenge.

Once you create your character, age up and keep your smarts stats high by reading books and visiting the library. Becoming a nurse later in this challenge requires having a clean criminal record, a relevant university degree, and nursing school experience, so starting early with your studies will help you long-term.

Becoming a Nurse in BitLife

After creating your new BitLife character, follow the steps below to become a nurse:

  1. Age him until he turns 18 and graduates secondary school.
  2. Apply to university and choose nursing as your degree.
  3. Once you finish your four-year degree, apply to nursing school and repeat the process.

Two years later, you will graduate from nursing school, allowing you to apply for nurse positions in the full-time jobs menu. Apply for associate nurse and pass the interview to become a nurse.

Overcoming an Alcohol Addiction

The next part of this challenge is to develop and overcome an alcohol addiction. There are two main ways to get an alcohol addiction in BitLife:

  1. Accept random event offers to consume alcohol
  2. Visit a nightclub and drink alcohol

If you haven’t received a random event pop-up to drink alcohol, head into Activities and select Nightlife to go clubbing. Continue visiting nightclubs until you’re offered alcohol and accept the offer to drink. Once you develop an alcohol addiction, you’ll be ready to begin the process of overcoming it.

There are three ways to overcome alcohol addictions in BitLife

  • Go to rehab
  • Get Hypnotherapy
  • Visit Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a reliable way to overcome alcohol addiction in BitLife, but it often requires multiple visits to work. Visit AA until your character overcomes his alcohol addiction to knock out this task.

Murdering Someone Over 60 Years Old and Pleading Guilty

For the last part of the Tell-Tale Heart challenge, you’ll have to successfully murder someone over 60 years old and plead guilty to the crime. While killing a random character can work, your best bet is to target someone you know, such as a friend, co-worker, or family member over 60 years old. Since you’re not limited in your murder method, pick a safe option like a drive-by or poisoning to pull off the murder successfully.

If you’re lucky, you’ll pull off the murder and get caught by the police, knocking out both tasks in one go. However, if this doesn’t work, pick a second victim and repeat the process until the police catch you in the act. Once your character does this, cooperate with the authorities and choose to plead guilty to finish the final task.

Once you finish the last two steps of murdering someone and pleading guilty, you’ll officially complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife! If you are curious about other weekend challenges, check out how to complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife, or click the tag below to browse our growing article list.

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