How to Complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife

Cast some spells and be extra spooky!

BitLife Ooky Spooky challenge
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Another scary BitLife challenge is here, and this time, there’s a whole lot of magic involved. Here’s how to complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Ooky Spooky Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the objectives you must fulfil for the Ooky Spooky challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female in Louisiana
  • Become a famous magician
  • Own 5+ haunted properties
  • Summon 3+ ghosts
  • Scare someone to death

While you don’t need any specific job packs to complete this challenge, having the Hollywood Star item will help you become a famous magician much quicker than usual. However, it is not required to finish it. The crime special talent will also give you an advantage with the final task, but it is also not required.

Be Born a Female in Louisiana in BitLife

To start the Ooky Spooky BitLife challenge, choose female as your starting gender, the United States as your birth country, and New Orleans as your starting place. Since New Orleans is a city in Louisiana, starting here will complete the first objective instantly.

Become a Famous Magician

Once you create your new character, age up until she turns 18 before heading into the full-time job list and searching for a magician role. If it doesn’t appear immediately, close and reopen the BitLife app or age up and recheck the job list.

Once the magician job appears, apply for the position, pass the interview, and work hard until you become famous. It may take several years, but working overtime hours each year will boost your chances, as doing this keeps your job performance high. Alternatively, if you have the Hollywood Star item, you will skip this process and become a famous magician instantly upon passing the interview.

Owning Haunted Properties and Summoning Ghosts

After you become a famous magician, you’ll unlock the fame tab, allowing you to gain money through writing books, appearing in commercials, and participating in photo shoots. With this money, head into your Assets tab, pick Shopping, and enter the real estate brokers menus. Buy any haunted properties you see, aging up and rechecking the list as needed until you have at least five. It does not matter how much they cost, the property types, or how many ghosts reside in the homes as long as they are haunted.

Once you buy five haunted properties, it’s time to meet some ghosts. To do this, head into your newly purchased properties, enter the Spirits menu, and choose any ghost in the list. Focus on summoning friendly ghosts, as they have lower odds of attacking your character.

After finding a ghost to summon, select the “try to summon it” button until it appears. If they have low activeness, you’ll have to repeat this several times until the ghost shows up. Here, it’s up to you what option you pick, but the safest option is to remain calm and let them disappear without any issues. Repeat this until you summon at least three ghosts to knock out the next objective and move on to the final part of the Ooky Spooky BitLife challenge.

Scaring Someone to Death

Now that you’ve gained a successful career, bought multiple properties, and summoned some ghosts, it’s time to conclude this challenge with a crime. To scare someone to death, head into Activities, select Crime, and pick Murder. To make things easier, choose a random person as the victim and scare to death as your method, closing and reopening the menu if it doesn’t appear immediately.

Regardless of who you pick, scaring to death is not an easy feat. Often, your character will be unsuccessful, and the person may even retaliate, potentially killing you. This final task is heavily luck-based, as you’ll have to get lucky enough to kill the person. Items like the Assassin’s Blade will make this process easier, but generally speaking, you just have to attempt the kill and hope you don’t die instantly.

Once you successfully scare someone to death, you’ll knock out the final task and officially complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife! If you are curious about a previous challenge, check out how to complete the She’s So Lucky Challenge in BitLife, or click the game tag below to browse our growing article collection.

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