How to Complete the She’s So Lucky Challenge in BitLife

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BitLife She's So Lucky Challenge
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Another weekly BitLife challenge has arrived, full of singing, writing, and divorces. Let’s dive into how to complete BitLife’s She’s So Lucky Challenge.

BitLife: She’s So Lucky Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the tasks you must complete for the She’s So Lucky challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female in Mississippi
  • Become a solo pop artist
  • Have 1+ album go double platinum
  • Divorce 3+ husbands
  • Publish a book about your life

To complete this challenge, you must own the musician special career job pack or Boss Mode to unlock all current and future packs. However, this requires spending real money to get the pack through the BitLife marketplace; otherwise, the challenge becomes impossible to finish.

Once you own the musician special career pack, you’ll be ready to begin the She’s So Lucky challenge.

How to Be Born a Female in Mississippi

To begin the challenge, create a female character born in Biloxi, United States. Biloxi is a city in Mississippi, making it a required place to start. To make the challenge easier, choose the music special talent to give your character an advantage when practicing instruments and singing later.

Once you create your character, age up until she turns eight before going into Activities and then Mind and Body. Here, you have two options: take singing lessons or practice instruments like drums or bass guitar. These lessons are free during childhood, so use this to your advantage to master multiple instruments.

How to Become a Solo Pop Artist

During your character’s childhood, take instrument and singing lessons every year until she turns 18. You’ll unlock the musician special career here, allowing you to audition as a solo artist. Choose Solo Artist and audition using the instruments you practiced before. The more options you have, the better. If you don’t succeed the first few times, keep practicing your instruments and auditioning each year.

Once you pass an audition, you’ll get a contract offer to become a solo artist. Make sure the genre is a pop artist: if you become any other artist such as rap, country, or hip-hop, you risk failing the challenge. Deny these requests and keep auditioning until you’re asked to become a solo pop artist.

Having an Album Go Double Platinum

Now that your character is a famous singer, it’s time to create some albums. An album going double platinum is mostly luck-based and is a matter of practicing patience and determination. Create albums every year, picking appropriate genres and album covers until you land one that goes double platinum. In other words, it has to sell at least 2,000,000 copies.

Over time, your songs will naturally gain more sales, giving you the chance to have older albums reach double platinum. In other words, if you have one that gets platinum but doesn’t quite reach double, you may have to wait a few years for a random event or residual sales to bump it up another tier.

Divorcing Three Husbands

Between becoming a famous pop artist and selling albums, you’ll want to find a few romantic partners to marry and divorce. You can find people randomly as you age up or go into Activities, Love, and Date. Find someone to date and marry before divorcing them and repeating the process two more times.

Doing this after becoming a famous artist will make things slightly easier, as you can buy expensive wedding rings and propose to someone immediately before getting married and initiating the divorce. However, if you do not sign a prenup or make millions after the marriage, he’ll take a considerable chunk of your money. In other words, sign a prenup and get the divorce in the same year to minimize your losses, or complete this task before making money as a pop artist.

Publishing a Book About Your Life

For the last part of the challenge, you’ll gain access to the Fame tab in Activities after becoming a famous solo pop artist. Head into Activities, choose Fame and write a book. After paying a small fee, you’ll publish a book, completing the final objective of the She’s So Lucky challenge in BitLife.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If your next goal is to get every ribbon, check out how to get the lustful ribbon in BitLife, or click the tag below to explore our growing content list.

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