How to Play the Pikmin 4 Demo

A first look on how to grow, guide and gather

Pikmin 4 Demo How to Play

The Pikmin 4 trailer in the latest Nintendo Direct had fans held in a chokehold for its whole duration, which also was probably the longest trailer in the showcase. Well the Pikmin 4 Demo has arrived, so you can finally get your hands on this exciting new release. And as it was mentioned, you can enjoy it regardless of having played any Pikmin title in the past. Here’s how to play the Pikmin 4 demo.

How to Download and Play the Pikmin 4 Demo

The Pikmin 4 Demo is now available as of June 28th, roughly three weeks before the full game’s official release on July 21. To play the Pikmin 4 demo, search for it in Nintendo eShop and select Download Demo.

You may now enjoy this marvelous, alien world of Pikmin before settling on the full release!

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Pikmin 4 is available for pre-order for $59.99 USD in both physical and digital versions. And as it was confirmed earlier this year, this version supports multiplayer mode during the story on the same console, so you and your pal can explore caves, gather resources and find new friends as much as you want together.

If you haven’t experienced Pikmin yet in any of its previous titles, you might wanna know that the first two titles have just received HD ports for the Switch too. Both are already out for the console, and you can find them in the eShop right now if you’re REALLY claiming for those cute odd creatures in your Switch at this exact moment.

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