How to Play Sea of Stars Demo? – Answered

Get into the Sea of Stars today!

How to Play Sea of Stars Demo - Answered

Sea of Stars is a new retro console RPG made by Canadian studio Sabotage. It is actually a prequel to their first game The Messenger from 2018, which was like a Ninja Gaiden-inspired action platformer. This time around, Sea of Stars is a full-blown turn-based JRPG-like game in the style of classic SNES titles, with amazing pixel art graphics and music done by the same composer who did both Chrono titles and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Yasunori Mitsuda! Sounds legit, right?

While we wait for Sea of Stars to come out on August 29, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, there is a free demo that you can download and try today! Let’s find out how to get it.

How to Download the Sea of Stars Demo?

To download the Sea of Stars Demo for Nintendo Switch – Go to the Nintendo Online Store, look up the Sea of Stars game page (use search if needed) and press A or tap on the “Download Demo” option.

For PlayStation – Go to PlayStation Store, use search to look up the Sea of Stars game page, select three dots, and the first option “Demo” will take you to the separate Demo page where you can select “Download demo”. Also, keep in mind when the full version of the game comes out, it will be included in the PlayStation Plus Extra tier of subscription.

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For Xbox – Go to “Browse the Store”, use Search to look up the Sea of Stars Demo page, and select “Get Free” to download it.

And for the PC, go to the Sea of Stars Steam page and click download.

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Now you can try the demo of this great-looking upcoming JRPG adventure on all systems! The demo represents only a cross-section of a couple of gameplay sections of the game. You can also save your progress in the game when you reach the first town, although it is not yet known whether the saved data from the demo version will be transferable to the full game when it comes out at the end of August.

If you are excited about the new retro-styled JRPG like we are find out if Sea of Stars going to be added to the Game Pass.

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