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If your journey to bring an end to Adyr’s plans in Lords of the Fallen suddenly gets too boring, there’s no better option than to commit indiscriminate manslaughter against random players just minding their own business. The PvP mode is perfect for that, and you even get some extra rewards if you manage to end a distracted lampbearer’s journey. Or just fend off that pesky invader. Here’s how to start PvP in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Enter PvP in Lords of the Fallen

PvP is one of the multiplayer features in Lords of the Fallen. If you remember Invasions from any Dark Souls title, you know exactly how it goes. Multiplayer must be enabled for that, so if you deactivate for some reason, open the game’s menu and head to the Multiplayer tab. Set “Online” and “Crossplay” to Yes to have a wider range of possible players to attack/defend against.

Now head to any Vestige checkpoint and hit Multiplayer. Pick the last option (Slaughter lampbearer) to put a start to the Crimson Ritual. You will invade another player’s world and both of you now have to fight for survival. The winner gets a Severed Hand as a reward, which can be exchanged at the Shrine of Adyr for a few exclusive rewards.

Players have all of their usual abilities and skills during an invasion, but the host cannot interact with Vestige since there will always be an enemy nearby. It’s hard to tell which side has the advantage since if you get invaded while dealing with a tough enemy and are already low on healing items, it’s possibly over for you.

But you get all of your attacker’s Hands if you manage to bring them down, so that’s a plus! If you don’t like getting attacked, turning off the Online function will prevent an unexpected attack from happening, so it might be the best choice if you just wanna chill and explore. Having someone else playing co-op with you might also be useful during an invasion.

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