How to Play Co-op in Lords of the Fallen

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Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer Action
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Lords of the Fallen has an even more interesting take on Multiplayer mode as you can play it indefinitely compared to other games of the genre. You can fully explore the world and complete a campaign alongside others if you want to, and all you need to do is touch a Vestige to start your duo journey through Mournstead. Here’s how to play Co-op in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Start Co-Op in Lords of the Fallen

Before entering the marvelous world of online gaming, you must first have the Online functions enabled. They’re usually activated by default, but if you have disabled them at any point, open your menu, head to the Multiplayer Tab, and set “Online” to Yes. Do the same for the “Crossplay” option so you can have a wider range of players.

Now head to any Vestige (the checkpoints) and select the Multiplayer option. The three first options are the Co-Op options while “Slaughter lampbearer” is obviously not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for another definition of Multiplayer with this one.

“Beckon lampbearer” will start matchmaking with a random stranger while “Beckon Friend” lets you invite someone from your Friend List on Steam, Playstation, or Xbox. “Accompany lampbearer” lets you join a game started by someone who chose Beckon lampbearer. The first two options bring the stranger/friend to your world while the last one leads you to another person’s world instead.

Matchmaking can be instant or take ages since it all depends on how many people are using this option at the same time as you are. Once it’s done, both of you can start slaughtering enemies and even fend off invasions together. Rewards will be shared between you two and you can revive each other indefinitely, but progress will only count for the host (AKA the world’s owner).

If you’re the one helping, you’ll have to settle with only a few extra resources. But it’s not like these aren’t useful since your own playthrough will probably be way easier now that you got yourself a few extra levels. Multiplayer is quite fun in this game, especially if you’re one part of the people who can get the most out of the crossplay feature.

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