How To Play Music While Playing Roblox

Jam to your own personal soundtrack while playing Roblox

While Roblox may be full of some extremely entertaining experiences to play around in, there is one thing that most games won’t win an award for; their music. A lot of these experiences will either use the same soundtrack as other games on the platform, or some form of royalty-free music that you’ve likely heard a thousand times before. While some experiences benefit from a lack of music, you just can’t help but think of how fun it would be to play something like Drive World with your favorite Spotify playlist blaring in the background. Let’s find out how to play music while playing Roblox.

How To Turn Off Music In Roblox

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Each experience is going to be just a little bit different, but for this example, we are going to use Hoop Simulator. You’ll need to locate the Settings Menu inside of the experience that you’re playing, and by searching through the new window that has likely opened up, you’ll need to find Music Volume. Just grab the dial, and turn it down to the minimum so you can hear your favorite tracks come through. We’ve got a good start, so let’s keep rolling.

Open your favorite audio program of choice, be it Spotify, Apple Music, or whichever way you may prefer to listen to your tunes on your PC or Mobile device. Find the song that you would like to play, and you’ll be ready to start jamming out. I personally recommend playing the game in Windowed Mode on PC if you’re planning on doing this, so you’ll have quick and easy access to the music controls. If you have a keyboard that has these media control options on it already, then you can play in Full Screen without worrying.

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If you’re looking to do this while playing a game with friends, you could also set up a Discord Music Bot that will play a selected playlist, so you and your buddies can vibe to the same track while exploring some of the massive worlds set before you. It’s a great way to share your taste in music with your friends and just makes the whole process a little easier overall.

Can You Play Your Own Music On Xbox While Playing Roblox?

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, you are not able to use these steps to play your favorite songs while playing on Xbox. You’ll have to either connect to your phone and listen to some music while you’re playing your favorite experiences, or just vibe with whatever tracks they have in the game.

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So now that you know how you can jam to the beat of your own soundtrack, be sure to learn how you can fix any annoying glitches and errors by checking out our Roblox section below. You’ll find plenty of experience recommendations, a ton of codes, and more content than you ever knew you needed about your favorite platform.

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