How to Fix the Blue Box Glitch in Roblox

Get back into the game with this quick fix.

If you’ve been trying to access your favorite Roblox experiences, but can’t seem to move, you’re not alone. A ton of players are being affected by what is known as the Blue Box Glitch, which seems to happen sporadically on their platform of choice. Instead of being able to move around, all you can do is control a Blue Box that selects different parts of the User Interface, or UI for short. But, there is a very simple fix that can be done rather quickly, so let’s jump into the program and find out how to bring an end to this pesky bug in a matter of moments.

What Causes The Blue Box Glitch In Roblox?

I’ve you’ve been an avid Roblox gamer for years, you may have had this happen to you once before, but if you’re new to the platform, this could be your first time experiencing this error. The Blue Box isn’t actually even a glitch, but rather, an accessibility feature that can easily be toggled on and off. This could be a great option to use for someone that doesn’t want to use a mouse or doesn’t have access to one, like Xbox Players. Let’s learn how to turn it off and return to our favorite games, though.

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How To Remove Blue Box In Roblox

Screenshot: Prima Games

While some of the experiences inside the world of Roblox can be rather complex, the only thing more intimidating is the controls screen. If you press the Home Button, which is normally the Esc key on PC, you can bring up your Main Menu. Inside the menu, you’ll want to select Help on the top bar. This will display all of your current control settings.

Inside this menu, you’ll want to find the UI Selection Toggle, which is what causes the Blue Box to appear on your screen. In my case, it is set as the backslash key, which is found directly under the Backspace key. This is the normal default setting, so it will likely be the same for you. Go back into the experience you are currently in and tap this key, and the Blue Box will go away, giving you full control over your character once again.

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Now that you’re ready to get into the world, get ready to jump into some fun experiences like Hoop Simulator. While this Basketball game may not be the most realistic depiction of the sport on the platform, it’s a great way to spend some time during the day. And if you’re looking for more experiences and codes, be sure to check out our Roblox sections below to get all of the information you could ever need about the platform.

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