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Roblox Evade Codes (April 2023)

What the dog doin'?

by Shaun Cichacki

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t stay away forever in Evade. Partnering up with a squad of other players, your task in this horrifying and hilarious Roblox experience is to stay away from the creatures roaming this world’s halls. The problem is, all of the creatures roaming in this world just so happen to be memes. Nothing is more terrifying than when you’re attempting to hide and not get killed, and you just hear an increasingly louder “What the dog doin’?” as you’re trying to keep quiet. Thankfully, some exciting codes may make every victory a bit sweeter, so let’s find out what is awaiting us in Evade.

All Evade Codes In Roblox

Below, you’ll find all of the currently available codes for this particular experience and some questions the community asked.

All Currently Available Evade Codes In Roblox (Working)

  • luckyday – St Patricks Day Pin
  • therealdeal – Free Bird Badge Cosmetic

All Currently Available Evade Codes in Roblox (Expired)

  • NewYears2023
  • HoidayUpdateFix
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP
  • 1bill
  • Evade1k

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How Do I Redeem Codes In Evade?

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you want to test these codes out and score some free goodies, you just need to click on the Blue Bird icon on the main menu. Once you have done that, a screen will pop up, asking you to type in the code you would like to use, and press Enter to redeem it and claim your goodies. You’ll know if it worked when you see a small text box show up on the bottom saying that you’ve received an item.

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Evade?

One of the reasons that your codes may not be working is due to spelling and grammar errors. Some Roblox experiences don’t care if you have letters capitalized or not, but Evade is case-sensitive. Your best bet is to just copy the codes directly from our page and post them into the game to verify that they work.

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How Can I Get More Codes For Evade?

If you want to get more codes, you’ll want to make sure you bookmark our page. We’ll keep these codes up-to-date and add more as soon as we see them go live. Another option that you have is to join the official Evade Discord channel, follow the developers on Twitter or jump into the Hexagon Development Roblox Group. Codes will get passed down on these channels, so keep your eyes peeled for anything that comes out.

Can I Submit My Own Memes For Evade?

If you’re hoping to see your favorite meme make its way into Evade, there is a way to submit your favorite to the developers, but it’s going to cost you a few Robux to make it happen. You’ll just want to click on Other and then select Custom Bot. Upload the required bits of information, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see your favorite character in the game. Be warned and be safe, because uploading naughty memes or images will get you banned from the game for life.

What Exactly Is Evade On Roblox?

On the surface, Evade looks like it could be one of the most terrifying experiences on the platform. You need to hide from bots trying to take you down and survive throughout the time limit you’re given. However, after you first boot into the game, everything is as crazy as it can be. From wild Amogus that are chasing you down, to Crying Spongebob, you never know what you’re going to encounter in this crazy world.

If you’re looking for more Roblox codes, or just want to find a new Roblox experience to jump into, make sure that you’re checking out our tags below to find your new favorite experience and codes for those that you already love.

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