Roblox PROJECT: Playtime Codes (June 2023)

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If you’re looking for something in the vein of Dead By Daylight, but more colorful, PROJECT: Playtime may be exactly the ticket. Playing as either a survivor or a monster, you’ll need to do whatever possible to make it out alive or slay everyone in the building you’re in. Gathering up plenty of items to reach the goal, this multiplayer title will quickly become a part of your regular rotation of games to play. But, if you’re hoping to get a little bit of a boost on how games play out, these codes can get you the items and coins you deserve. Let’s see what’s currently available for this exciting multiplayer title.

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All PROJECT: Playtime Multiplayer Codes Available in Roblox

Below, you’ll find all of the codes that are currently available codes for this particular experience, alongside some questions that players may be asking.

All Currently Available PROJECT: Playtime Codes (Working)

  • ABRIL2023 – 300 Emeralds

All Currently Available PROJECT: Playtime Codes (Expired)

  • TWITTER2023
  • BUNZO2023

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How To Redeem Codes In PROJECT: Playtime on Roblox

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Entering codes in PROJECT: Playtime may be one of the easiest on the platform. The moment that you start this experience, a prompt will come up, taking you to Redeem Codes that you have available. Type in any of the codes listed above, and click Redeem to get the items you want.

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Why Aren’t My Codes Working In PROJECT: Playtime?

One of the main reasons why codes won’t work in Roblox is due to spelling. If something is misspelled, you will not be able to get the items associated with the code, so make sure that you are copying them directly from the page here.

Another reason that codes may not be working is they may be expired. Normally, a prompt will say the code is expired if this is the case, so if you are getting any other error, check your spelling and try again. If neither of these options works, leave the experience and come back in to try it again.

How Can I Get More Codes for PROJECT: Playtime In Roblox?

If you’re hoping to get more codes for this exciting Multiplayer experience, there are a few different ways. First, make sure to bookmark this page, as we will be adding any new codes we come across. Secondly, you can follow the developers on Twitter at @PlaytimeRoblox for a chance to score some new codes.

Can You Increase The Chances Of Being The Monster In PROJECT: Playtime?

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If you don’t want to play as the survivor, you may wonder if there is a way to tip the scales in your favor to be the monster in your next game. Thankfully, there is, but it’s going to cost you some Emeralds to make this happen. When you jump into the Character screen, you’ll have the chance to pick whichever monster you would like to play as, and this will be your main monster whenever you are picked for this role.

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However, if you’re hoping to tip the scales in your favor, you can pay Emeralds to increase the probability of you being the monster the next time you play. Starting at 100 Emeralds, you can keep paying until the meter is at a comfortable level. There is still a small chance that you may have to play as a survivor, but this will at least make it more likely that you can play as your favorite creature next time around.

What Is PROJECT: Playtime on Roblox?

Taking heavy inspiration from Poppy Playtime, players will find themselves transported into this particular world. In a multiplayer game, you’ll either get to play as a Survivor, which has to find items and deposit them into a specific location, or the Monster, which has to hunt down and eliminate all of the players before the time runs out. It’s exciting no matter which role you get to play, and teamwork is going to be rather important if you’re hoping to survive. Good luck out there, and we hope to see you on the other side.

Some of the most fun experiences on the Roblox platform involve playing games with other people, so why not jump into Realm of Champions to give that one a try? You’ll be thrust into the shoes of some of your favorite fictional characters, and you’ll need to do whatever possible to survive in this exciting Battle Royale title. You can also check out our Roblox sections below for more codes and even more experiences to jump into and try.

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