Roblox Realm of Champions Codes (June 2023)

You won't want to let this one go.

Everybody likes a good battle royale, but things take a surprising twist in Realm of Champions. Typically, you’ll have guns and other weapons at your side for your battles, but in this unique take on the genre, you’ve only got magic and a few familiar faces to lead you on your adventure. Step into the shoes of your favorite animated characters and duke it out for the chance to be the last one standing in this fast-paced battle royale game, and see who the strongest of them all really is. Thankfully, a few codes are available that can get you your favorite character quickly instead of needing to grind. Here’s all the available codes for Realm of Champions.

All Currently Available Realm of Champions Codes

Below, you’ll find all the Realm of Champions codes currently available, alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Realm of Champions Codes (Working)

  • release – x7,500 Stars
  • 50k visits – x5,000 Stars

All Realm of Champions Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired codes for Realm of Champions

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How Do I Redeem Codes In Realm Of Champions?

If you’re looking to use these codes, you’ll need to follow a few steps first. The first thing you’ll want to do after booting into Realm of Champions is select the Free For All! game option, as you’ll be able to practice with your favorite character against other players. Once you have selected play on the main menu, you’ll select the character you want to use.

When you’re on the main menu, you’ll see an Enter Code option in the bottom right of the screen. You can disregard that, unless you are trying to join a specific battle, with a code being provided to you by the host.

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After spawning onto the battlefield, press the P Key to bring up your Codes Menu. Select any of the codes from above and type them in, hitting the Enter key once you have finished typing them in. You’ll see the code turn green, letting you know that everything worked as it should have.

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Realm of Champions?

If you’re running into an issue with your codes not working, you may be misspelling them, or there is a chance that you haven’t capitalized them correctly. Feel free to copy and paste our codes, as we personally test every code we post to ensure that they are working.

There is also the chance that the code may be expired, but you would normally see a different message stating that the code you are trying to use no longer works. If that is the case, then you can just disregard that particular code, as the developer has turned it off.

How Can I Get More Codes In Realm of Champions?

If you’re looking to get more codes for this experience, make sure that you bookmark our page. We keep our eyes out on every channel possible to get codes for different experiences, so we can always update our page with the freshest batch of codes available. However, if you want to see if you can beat us to the punch, there are a few different options available.

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The first thing you’ll want to do is join the official Realm of Champions Discord Channel, where you can meet other players to squad up with, as well as scoop up plenty of codes once they become available. You may also want to consider joining the Realm of Champions Roblox Group so you can see what is coming down the pipeline, as well as have a direct form of communication with the developer of this experience.

How Do I Use My Powers In Realm Of Champions?

Depending on the character that you choose to play as, you’ll have a variety of different moves available to you, all with their own specific cooldown timer. During my playtime, I picked Jack Frost who has a variety of up-close and ranged attacks. If I want to switch between them, I would need to either use the 1 thru 5 keys on my Keyboard or tap on the attack name in the mobile version. This will allow you to switch through all of the different attacks that your character has. The higher up the ladder they are, the more damage they will do, and the longer they will take to cool down.

What Is Realm of Champions on Roblox?

As mentioned above, this unique take on the Battle Royale genre has me interested. While the battles may not be as large as something like Fortnite, the speed at which these battles take place is something that makes it rather exciting and a little nerve-wracking. Being able to jump into the shoes of Harry Potter and blast some different players across the map is something that won’t get old, so I’ll be sure to add this one right into my favorites.

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, be sure to check out Become A Painter Tycoon. The humor that this one brings to the board makes it something unique as well and works as a great follow-up to this particular experience. No matter if you need more codes, or just want to find a new experience to jump into, we’ve got you covered with our Roblox sections below.

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