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How to Play Marvel Snap with Friends

Is there a Battle Mode VS Friends?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Play Marvel Snap with Friends

Do you play Marvel Snap? The new digital card game based on the rich Marvel universe full of recognizable superheroes. The game is available for PC and mobile, where you can collect cards with your favorite Marvel characters, win battles, and earn currency to level up cards – you know, usual card game stuff. But, can you play Marvel Snap with friends? Like, have a VS battle to go head to head and test your best cards against them? Let’s find out.

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How to Play Marvel Snap with Friends?

The answer is – you can not, at least for now. Marvel Snap is a very fresh title, released on October 18, 2022, so a lot of functionality is still missing and has yet to be added through upcoming updates.

As you can see on the Development Roadmap image above, “Battle Mode VS Friends” is listed under “In Development” which means that this mode is being worked on, but since it is not in the Coming Soon column, it is clear that this will not be added soon, so possibly next year? Also, in the “In Concept” column is “Guilds and Social Systems”, which will hopefully be added to the game down the road. Whether all the ideas that stand as “In Concept” will be realized depends above all on how well Marvel Snap performs in gathering and keeping an active player base.

So if you want to play Marvel Snap with friends, first get them to play the game as it is now. And wait for the Battle Mode to eventually be added in.

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