How to Play Local Multiplayer on MultiVersus

Great way to host a gaming party in your room!

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Despite local “couch” and LAN gaming starting to slowly fade away since the rapid development of broadband internet in the early 2000s, which gradually moved most of the multiplayer gaming scene into the online environment, some players still try to cherish the old-fashioned way of playing video games against (or with) others.

MultiVersus has this option as well, so get your gamepads, snacks, and sodas ready, and check out our guide before your friends arrive at the party. Here’s how to play local multiplayer on MultiVersus.

How to Start a Local Multiplayer Session in MultiVersus

Thankfully, MultiVersus allows local play (which some games sadly don’t these days and insist on everything being online).

Here is how you can start your local session:

  1. When you boot up MultiVersus, hit the big Play Button on the home screen (do not be confused by the Custom Game option on the left).
  2. in the top right, you will see the Custom option, and then, you will see the big Local Play option on the left
  3. Congrats! You are in the game setup menu now where you can set up the rules and settings of the match that you will be playing with your friends (in the top-right corner). Make sure that the extra controller(s) are plugged in and press buttons on all the ones you want to use so that additional players may choose their characters.

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And that is all there is to it! You just now need to enjoy and have a wholesome time with your friend(s).

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