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How to Change Age in MultiVersus

Made a mistake? No problem!

If you have accidentally declared yourself to be under the age of 18 while booting up MultiVersus for the first time, you have probably noticed a serious lack of features, including online play. Since the game is rated T for Teen, there are some understandable things that the developers had to implement in order to separate the adult players from the underage ones. You probably have looked all over the in-game settings to find the option to change age to no avail. Do not worry! Prima Games has you covered as always, although the method requires you to do some minor file editing.

Here’s how to change age in MultiVersus.

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How Do I Change My Age in MultiVersus?

Please keep in mind that you are doing the file editing at your own risk and responsibility. Do so at your own discretion.

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  1. Open File Explorer (or any other software of your preference).
  2. At the top, you will see the “View” card. Click it and then find the “Hidden Items” checkbox which you will, of course, check. Most people who have done editing like this before have this active already. (For other software, consult the software manual or other official online resources if needed).
  3. Find C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME_HERE\AppData\Local\MultiVersus\Saved\SaveGames\
  4. In this Folder, you will see the firstlaunch_save.sav file. You should delete it. Understand that it might impact the progress you have made so far. Just in case, instead of deleting it, you should probably cut/paste it somewhere else, just so that you can return it to normal if things go south for any reason (always make backups!).
  5. Launch MultiVersus and hit the “Over 22” option just to be sure that you qualify for all features.

If you choose an age under 13, you fall under the “Teen” category and will be unable to play the game at all.

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13 to 17 allows you to play the game offline, and 18+ allows you to play Online Multiplayer (unless for some obscure reason it changes to 21+, which won’t happen, hopefully).

Thank you for entrusting Prima Games to resolve this issue for you. We invite you to go through our other MultiVersus articles under our game tag below.

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