How to Play Lethal Company With More Than Four Players

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If you ever wanted to play Lethal Company with more than the four player max, it is now possible with the help of modding. In this guide, we will teach you how to increase the max player count in Lethal Company to play with more than four players.

How to Have More Than Four Players in Your Lethal Company Lobby

There is no official support for playing Lethal Company with more than four players. However, the modding community has come in clutch with a new mod allowing up to 40 players to join the lobby and play the game. You can now play Lethal Company with more than four players by installing theĀ Bigger Lobby Mod, made by Mod DB user bizzlemip.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the mod:

  • Download the BepInEx folder. You will need to paste it into the Lethal Company game folder.
  • Download the LC_API.dll. Create a new folder named “Plugins” in the BepInEx folder that you just pasted, and move the LC_API.dll file there.
  • Download the BiggerLobby mod and extract the contents inside the rar file into the Lethal Company folder. If prompted to replace the files, click on Yes.

Make sure all the players have the mod installed on their computer to join your lobby. They will not be able to join you if they don’t have the Bigger Lobby mod installed for them.

Run the game from Steam and host a new lobby. There, you will see the option to type in the maximum number of players you want to join your lobby. Invite your friends from Steam, and you will now be able to have more than four players in your lobby.

Screenshot of the Max Players option in the game.
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You will encounter some bugs here and there, but they are not big enough to affect your gameplay too much. With time, more patches will keep coming to improve the experience of the mod.

Bigger Lobby Mod Bugs

Modder Bizzlemip has been consistently and frequently updating the Bigger Lobby Mod to improve stability and performance, so the mod seems to run pretty smoothly in general. With that said, performance seems to drop once you start pushing past more than eight players in a lobby. Expect crashes to happen here and there.

Prior to the 2.2.6 update, players reported issues with the game’s internal time not changing, enemies not spawning, and trouble with ending a match. But those issues should be mostly smoothed out now. And with more time and patches, the mod will only further improve.

Now that you have more players with you, learn how to beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company and get hunting.

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