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Can You Play Honkai Star Rail With Friends? – Answered

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Honkai: Star Rail definitely has great hype around it, with millions of players in the pre-registration queue eager to jump into the game. Players are now able to enjoy the Honkai: Star Rail gameplay, as the game has been officially released, and naturally, players are wondering if they can play Honkai: Star Rail with their friends, and how they can do that. Prima Games is ready to inform you about the current possibilities of multiplayer in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Does Honkai: Star Rail Have Multiplayer (Co-Op)?

You will be disappointed to learn that, currently, it is not possible to play Honkai: Star Rail with friends. Well, not unless you invite each over to your houses and have a playing session together, but that’s as close as you will be able to interact with each other when it comes to Honkai: Star Rail. We hope that the developers will add at least some multiplayer options in the future (Co-op, anyone?) but as of now, nothing has been confirmed. Sorry for the disappointment!

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How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail

You can, at least, add friends for now. It’s unknown what you’ll be able to do in the future with this function, but the function is there nonetheless. Here’s how you can add your friends in Honkai: Star Rail:

Honkai Star Rail Friends Menu
Image via Honkai: Star Rail (PC)
  • Board the Star Rail Train (90-150 minutes of playtime needed to reach that part of the story, depending on factors)
  • Click the Smartphone icon in the top-left corner
  • On the right side, you’ll see the “Friends” icon
  • At the top, you’ll have a search bar with which you can search for friends by their UIDs
  • You will find your UID in the bottom-left of your screen, share it with your friend and let them know to give you theirs

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