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How to Play CS: GO Case Opening Simulator

Open those cases to your heart's content. For free!

by Jesse Vitelli

CS: GO is rampant with different weapon cosmetics for players to try and obtain. You’ll need to get lucky if you want to find one worth any money. Not only will you get lucky, but you’ll also need to spend some cash to purchase a key to unlock the case. Luckily, if you just want to open cases for fun, you can. Here’s how to play CS: GO Case Opening Simulator.

How to Play CS: GO Case Opening Simulator

If you’re someone who just likes to open loot boxes and see what’s inside, you’re in luck. Just head to this website, and you can open whatever case in CS: Go you like. Of course, you don’t get anything inside the cases; this is just for fun. It’s nice to see how many cases you would have to unlock to obtain some rarer items in the game.

CS: GO is known to have some of the most expensive video game cosmetics ever. Some weapon skins can sell for thousands and thousands of dollars on Steam. If you want just to sit back and open cases without having to spend real money on any of this, then CS: GO Case Opening Simulator is undoubtedly for you. You can pick any cases from previous patches, holiday events, and more and just roll to your heart’s content.

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First, pick the case you want to open, peruse the case’s contents, and then hit the little green button that says open in the bottom left. Then hit repeat if you want to go again.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play CS: GO Case Opening Simulator. If you decide to hop back into the real game, check out our guide on how to throw the perfect smokes on Dust.

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