How to Pick Locks in Starfield

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Starfield features many systems present in previous Bethesda games. The speech system, for instance, is almost identical to previous games, though with the added bonus of having Persuasion be more fleshed out and classic speech checks making a light showing. One more returning feature is the ability to pick locks, though the system has been properly revolutionized. Here’s how to pick locks in Starfield.

How to Access Locked Doors and Containers in Starfield

Starfield Digipick Interface
Screenshot by Prima Games

To pick a lock, you’ll first need to get a Digipick (or, preferably, multiple of them). These can be found in a few different ways, which we detail below. Alongside a Digipick, you’ll also need to have the appropriate level in the Security skill listed under the Tech tree. You can hack Novice locks without any points put into the skill, though you’ll need the following ranks for more difficult locks:

  • Rank 1: Advanced Locks.
  • Rank 2: Expert Locks.
  • Rank 3: Master Locks.

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Once you have the prerequisites, you’re ready to go. Use the Digipick, and it’ll open a new interface showing two large circles, each with holes missing in them. It’ll also show four different circles to the right, each with different notches in them. Your goal here is to use those right-most circles to fill all slots in both the bigger circles. There’s only one correct solution, so you’ll need to analyze all of your possible combinations to figure out the right one. Once you’ve filled them all in, the door or container you’re trying to open should be free to loot.

It’s important to know that with more difficult Digipick locks, some of the solutions you’re given are there to throw you off and aren’t actually used in the combination. This is why having more Digipicks is nice.

How to Get More Digipicks in Starfield

Starfield Trade Kiosk
Image via Prima Games.

You can acquire more Digipicks in a few different ways. There’s a chance you’ll find them when exploring certain zones and checking containers for loot. The more consistent way, though, is to buy them, which can be done from any vendor you find. The first ones you can visit that sell Digipicks are both the Trade Authority Kiosk next to your ship in New Atlantis and the Jemison Mercantile to the left of the security checkpoint in the same city. You can sit down somewhere and wait a full day if you need the shops to refresh.

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