How to Open the House of Healing Morgue Door in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Malus Thorm is a serial killer. We all agree on that, right? He’s out here killing anyone who walks through his door, and his murder sprees are sanctioned by his dear nephew, Ketheric Thorm. But if you want to get at Malus Thorm’s hidden goodies, you’ll need to open the locked door in the morgue. Here’s how to unlock the door in the morgue of the House of Healing.

How to Open the Morgue Door in the House of Healing in Baldur’s Gate 3

The House of Healing has a bit of a grim reputation. One that involves finding random people and killing them in some of the worst ways possible. And there’s a place where all those deceased patients go.

The House of Healing morgue. And while getting into the general area is easy enough, getting past the locked door is a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, there are three ways to get into the locked door of the House of Healing morgue.

  • Option 1: Lockpick.
  • Option 2: Activate the lever.
  • Option 3: Get in through the Ominous Crevice.

Option 1, lockpicking, is the worst option for most players. That’s because the door has a saving throw of 30, which is likely out of reach for most players when they encounter it. But there are better options, and you don’t have to go that far to get to them.

Option 2, throw the lever, is your best bet. You’ll note that the lever beside the locked door isn’t working. But go into the research lab at the end of the hall, and you’ll find a lever.


You don’t have to lockpick this door open. There’s a Harper in the alcove to the left of the main hall which has a key to the door.

Once you’re inside the lab, look to the left of the experimentation slab. Between the two tables is a lever. Interact with it.

Then, head back to the locked morgue door. The lever will now throw the door open, revealing a stinking cave full of corpses.

The final option is to go through the Ominous Crevice near the lakes edge. The Ominous Crevice can be found just below the Grand Mauoselum Waypoint near the House of Healing. You’ll need to descend the rocks. But be aware, there will be quite a few cursed Kuo-Toa who will try to ambush you.

Once you’re past the door, you’ll get a chance at your loot.

There’s a chest to the left, which is inaccessible unless you have a spell like Dimension Door, Misty Step, or Fly.

The chest contains the Fleshmelter Cloak, which has the ability Caustic Reprisal.

Caustic Reprisal: Whenever a creature deals melee damage to the wearer, that creature takes 1-4 Acid Damage.”

But you can also head down to the very bottom of the pit, where you can fight a Hollow Armor and three Fetid Oozes. Defeating the Hollow Armor will allow you to loot the Protective Plate, which grants resistance to Necrotic Damage.

If you’re wondering what in the world this pit is, it’s likely a burial pit where Thorm and his assistants melt down the hundreds of people they’ve caught, experimented on, and killed.

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