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How to Open Officer’s Secure Lockbox in Dead Island 2

Where to find the Officer's Lockbox Key in Dead Island 2

by Grant Testa

Dead Island 2 has many locked chests and safes with keys that can only be obtained by killing specifically named zombies. One such safe is the Officer’s Secure Lockbox found in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Venice Beach Station. Here is everything you need to know about locating the Officer’s Secure Lockbox, finding the zombie who carries it, and obtaining the elusive key that opens the safe in Dead Island 2

Officer’s Secure Lockbox Location in Dead Island 2

The Officer’s Secure Lockbox is found in the Secure Storage Room of the LAPD Venice Beach Station. This station is also encountered during the “Cold Pork” and “Missing: Laura” side missions.

The exact location of the key can be seen in the map image above.

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Where to Find the Officer’s Lockbox Key in Dead Island 2

The key is located surprisingly close to the station on a walker named “Officer McKenzie,” who can be found southwest between the ocean and the LAPD Venice Beach Station.

Use your weaponry to send the undead Officer McKenzie back to the grave. Although he has slightly more health than standard walkers, I personally used the legendary sword “The One” to swiftly take out the zombie.

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Officer McKenzie will drop the “Officer’s Lockbox Key,” loot the key along with any other weapon or body parts the zombie drops.

Head back toward the LAPD Venice Beach Station and make your way into the Secure Storage Room.

You can now unlock the Officer’s Secure Lockbox, which in my experience, contained a superior sword.

Dead Island 2: Officer’s Secure Lockbox Location and Key Recap

  • Find the LAPD Venice Beach Station
  • Locate the Officer’s Secure Lockbox in the Secure Storage Room
  • Find Officer McKenzie southwest, between the Station and the ocean
  • Defeat Officer McKenzie and loot his key
  • Head back to the LAPD Venice Beach Station’s Secure Storage Room
  • Open the safe to obtain some rare loot

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