How to Open and Use the Cheat Command Console in Starfield

Turning on God Mode and getting infinite money starts here.

Starfield How to Open Cheat Console

Playing through and completing Starfield is a satisfying venture. However, if you don’t care about achievements and just want to make life easier or cause mayhem, you may be interested in using cheats to go into God Mode, give yourself a ton of money, or perform other wacky commands to make things fun. I used to do this all the time during my Skyrim days, so trust me, I understand the feeling. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to open and start using the cheat command console in Starfield.

How to Open and Use the Cheat Command Console in Starfield

To use the cheat command console in Starfield, press the Tilde (~) key on your keyboard. You’ll open a box where you can type in or copy-paste your desired command, allowing you to perform actions you otherwise could not do, such as turning on God Mode to take zero damage from enemies.

Be careful, though; some console commands will turn off Starfield’s achievements. If you’re a completionist who enjoys unlocking every trophy in a game, watch which ones you use!

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Depending on the intensity of the command and how often you use it, you may also run into crashing issues or other game-breaking bugs. Make sure to create a new save before experimenting with cheats just in case unexpected problems arise.

How to Find Cheat Commands in Starfield

After opening the cheat menu, you can use the help function and filters to determine the commands you’re looking for. For example, if you type in “help item 1”, you’ll find a list of every item-related function you can use, including “Add Item.”

Below are the filters you can use after the help command:

  • 0 – All
  • 1 – Functions
  • 2 – Settings
  • 3 – Globals
  • 4 – Other Forms

Using the help feature and filters to narrow your search, you can find specific cheats more easily without testing hundreds of commands to find one result.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more, check out whether you can play Starfield on GeForce Now, or click the game tag below to explore our growing article list.

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