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Considering Starfield is all about zipping around the galaxy and exploring new worlds, there was never any doubt that oxygen would play a factor in the overall gameplay. However, it doesn’t work as you might expect. You shouldn’t be alarmed the first time your oxygen starts to run low.

Does Oxygen Run Out in Starfield?

The answer is no, oxygen does not truly run out in Starfield. There is never a time where you will run out of oxygen, and your character will suffocate on a desolate planet somewhere in the galaxy. You can technically deplete your oxygen bar, but it comes back up. You won’t need items like tanks or rebreathers to stay alive.

Oxygen Meter Starfield.
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Oxygen serves as the stamina system in Starfield. Any time you run or jump, your oxygen meter on the bottom left of the screen will start depleting. When you stop moving, it regenerates. If you’re like me, the first time I ran too far without stopping, I got a warning about oxygen. I panicked for a minute, but there was no need. You won’t ever actually run out of air.

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The worst that can happen is CO2 flooding your supply. If you keep running after the oxygen meter has depleted, a red meter will start filling on the other side. This is the CO2 meter, which will cause extra damage over time if you aren’t careful. Like your standard air, though, it’s an extension of the endurance system. Let it filter out and give your character a breather.

You can increase your oxygen by investing in perks for fitness or by taking backgrounds such as Soldier at the start of Starfield. Even some consumables can offer a temporary edge to endurance. But if you’re ever low, it’s not the end of the world.

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