How to Obtain the Spent 15 Hours at The Alien Strip Club Achievement in High On Life

Bring on the tentacles

High On Life is a trip in more ways than one. In this comedy sci-fi shooter, you play a teenage disappointment whose Earth’s last hope against a drug cartel deadest on turning the human race into drugs. You spend significant time zipping around the galaxy, assassinating cartel bosses with your arsenal of wise-cracking guns. Here and there, you’re subjected to the vilest and surreal nonsense that has ever come out of a person’s head.

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The achievement “Spent 15 Hours at the Alien Strip Club” is one of those moments. You might spend a lot of time searching out this Alien Strip Club as I did. But this guide will ensure that you don’t waste any time.

How to Obtain the Spent 15 Hours at The Alien Strip Club Achievement in High On Life

To obtain this achievement, you’ll need to work your way to the penultimate bounty for the second-toughest boss in the game, Nipulon. Nipulon lives in Dreg Town, but not the dusty, grungy city you’re probably well used to.

He’s located at his office in the spa, immediately adjacent to Dreg Town. Head there, and you’ll be subjected to countless, penis-shaped monstrosities that leave white streaks on the floor wherever they go. There’s no avoiding them. There are so many of them. So many. These aliens are also all huffing humans using their phallic appendages. I have screenshots, and I’m not attaching them as an act of mercy and compassion on my part.

Work your way through this spa until you eventually kill one of these monsters and have to deal with waves of G3 security. Defeat them and ascend to Nipulon’s office, which will trigger a shootout that will last for half of Nipulon’s health bar.

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Once you get him about halfway down, he’ll fill the room with psychedelic drugs, forcing you to encounter your inner demons. But it turns out your inner demons are mildly insecure but supportive. Speak to Gene, descend through the hole, speak to Lizzie, descend through the hole.

In this second hole / void tunnel, Nipulon will start to relentlessly mock you and attempt to get you to accept being turned into drugs. His tirade will culminate in him giving you the achievement “Spent 15 Hours at The Alien Strip Club”, which is meant to embarrass you when it shows up on your timeline.

Touché, Nipulon, touché. But I wish there’d been an Asari-style strip club I could have visited instead.

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