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How to Farm Warp Crystals in High on Life

I'm pretty sure this farm wasn't intentional

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve met Blorto and his extremely suspect food stand, you’ll know the value of Warp Crystals. Warp Crystals are the only way to purchase Blorto’s extremely suspect wares, Warp Discs. These discs can be used to take you to places like “Toilet” and “Trolley Track”. But it can also take you to more interesting places, like Trick Daddy Skate Park or Quiet Cottage. But if you want to purchase every item on Blorto’s menu, you’re going to need a lot or Warp Discs.

Fortunately, farming them is extremely easy.

Use your Bounty 5000 and tab to Portals by pressing down on the Bounty 5000 menu screen. Select Zephyr Paradise, then Upper Valley. Step through the portal. Once you warp in, head right, where you’ll see that the Highway that was randomly teleported in has been turned into a really, really sad town. They now worship asphalt, and their currency is tires. Leave them to their sad existence and head towards the red cave in the cliff wall. This is where our grind begins.

How to Farm Warp Crystals in High on Life

Once you step into the cave, you’ll see Entering: Upper Furgle Warren at the top of your screen. The steps are simple. Run through the cave until you find the hook bug. Hook your way across, then immediately go into the right tunnel.

You’ll see Mytes in front of you. You don’t have to kill them, but you can if you’re attempting to grind out the 120 and 240 Myte unlock for the Zephyr Paradise forums. Keep running until you reach the end of the tunnel, and you’ll see a green bud on the cliff wall outside of the tunnel. Shoot it, and it should spawn the fan plants before the Armored Myte spawn in. You can kill the Armored Myte if you want to, but the most efficient way to do this is to jump right past it, onto the Fan Plant, and reach the opposite side.

Turn right, towards the cliff and you’ll see a big drop and a river. Dodge and jet pack right across the river, and you’ll land right in front of an abandoned Warp Base. Jump on top to find a Warp Crystal. This is the beauty we’ll be farming. It will continuously respawn in this circuit, but only if we complete the next step. Jump off the Warp Base then head back towards the highway town. But instead of turning right, towards the cave, continue forward until you get Entering: Moplet Village at the top of your screen.

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It’s possible that if this is your first time in this area a whole slew of enemies will spawn in at Moplet Village. If you like, you can clear them out, as their Warp Bases will also have Warp Crystals on them. I find that it’s more efficient to simply head back to the highway bridge.

Going into Moplet Village is necessary to cause the Warp Crystal we farmed earlier to respawn. Head back into the Upper Furgle Warren, then continue the cycle until you have all the Warp Crystals you want.

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