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How to Obtain the Playing Favorites Achievement in High on Life

The best character arcs end with getting shoved up a butt

by Daphne Fama

High On Life is a comedy sci-fi shooter in space which has you (a bounty hunter and perpetual disappointment to your parents) and an arsenal of guns (sentient, Muppet-inspired, hellbent on revenge), on a mission to save Earth.

Well, sort of. It’s complicated. Have you been to the Human Haven yet? You should really go.

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But more than that, High On Life is a game that’s about making choices at the right moment. Pass those moments by and you’ll miss a series of secret achievements that you’ll have to play through the game again to obtain. One of these secret achievements is Playing Favorites, worth 45 gamerscore.

Here’s how to obtain it. But be aware: there will be big spoilers ahead.

How to Obtain the Playing Favorites Achievement in High on Life

The last secret achievement you can obtain is Playing Favorites, which is obtainable during the final fight against Gargantuous. Gargantuous is the head honcho of the G3 and he’s no pushover. Gargantuous’ armor and resilience are so high, he’ll only die if you detonate a bomb from within his guts. To do so, throw yourself into the final boss battle and whittle away half of Gargantuous’ health. This will stagger him, giving you the opportunity to shove the bomb up Gargantuous’ rectum.

But Gargantuous isn’t through yet. He’ll get up again, poisoning the ground and spamming the air with an endless volley of hard-to-dodge bullets. But if you bring him down to zero health, he’ll finally fall to the ground, vulnerable. It’s now that you’ll attempt to detonate the bomb… only to find out that the remote doesn’t work.

The only option is to detonate the bomb from within. Kenny proposes a solution. He wants you to jam him up Gargantuous’ rump so he can detonate the bomb. It’ll likely kill him… but he’s desperate to redeem himself.

But if you want the Playing Favorites achievement, you’re going to have to ignore what a poignant moment this is in Kenny’s character arc and instead pick another gun to shove up Gargantuous’ butt.

Each gun will have a unique dialogue when you switch to them, with most of them begging you not to do it because they don’t want to die. But, spoilers, they won’t die. No matter who you shove up there, they’ll survive.

So, pick your least favorite gun or Lezduit, because Lezduit literally shouts “Lezduit!” when you bring him out. He’s so enthused about the situation, so he’s the least guilt inducing. Shove the chosen sacrifice up the butt and Gargantuous will explode. The sacrificed gun will also fall from the sky, a little worse for the wear but still whole. And only a little mad at you, which is nice.

The achievement should pop. Good job on getting Playing Favorites and 45 gamerscore!

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