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How to Obtain the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life

This might be the nicest thing you do in High On Life

by Daphne Fama

High On Life, a comedy sci-fi shooter that revels in debauchery and crass humor, has no shortage of missable and secret achievements. This is made all the worse by the fact that its autosave feature prevents you from ever backtracking. Once something’s done, it’s done. A Starfish is Born is an achievement that many players will probably miss.

How to Obtain the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life

This achievement is one of the nicer ones you can obtain, especially compared to ones like Carried Stan’s Load to Completion. To get it, you’ll need to go to the pawnshop Gene sends you to at the start of the game. There, amongst the wares, is a variety of trash.

But the particular piece of garbage we want is the drum, on the counter on the far-right side. It’ll be blue and worth 78 Pesos. Practically a steal. Buy this is as soon as possible. If you’ve made it to Nipulon’s bounty, you’ve gone too far and you likely won’t be able to obtain this achievement.

You’ll note in its description that it says you might even be able to give it to someone. And that’s what we’re going to do! Near your house in Blim City, against a building wall will be a tall, yellow alien and a smaller, teal alien with butt eyes who makes fart sounds when it talks. Give this teal alien, named Globo, the drum.

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Complete a bounty, then return to this parent-child duo. There will now be a crowd around Globo, who will be tearing it up on the drum. Turns out he’s really, really good! Speak to Globo and his dad again. To be safe, exhaust all dialogue options.

Go on and complete another bounty, then return to visit Globo’s dad. Globo won’t be there, but it turns out he’s signed to a record deal! Globo will soon be playing on a TV show. You likely won’t see him on TV yet. Keep completing bounties and returning to Blim City. But this time, we want to check the walls. If you see Globo posters all over the walls, head over to the restaurant that’s in front of your house, or the big, circular structure, and check out the TVs. It should show Globo performing. He’s really made it big, and it’s all thanks to you!

Beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping someone, you’ll also get the achievement, A Starfish is Born Achievement. Congrats, Bounty Hunter!

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