How to Not Overfeed Paul in The Password Game

Are all newborns that hungry?

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When you hit rule 17 in The Password Game, you’re presented with a chicken named Paul. Paul is still an egg for a while, but once you get past some of the most dreadful rules (such as avoiding an ambiental disaster inside your password ecosystem), he becomes a big, hungry boy. And here’s where our problems begin.

Once Rule 23 enters the room, you need to feed Paul with worms (by copy-pasting the worm emoji in the rule) constantly, or else he dies. But what makes this infuriating is that he’s still a newborn and doesn’t know what’s dangerous. So he may end up eating too much and die. But fortunately, we can avoid that.

How to Avoid Failing Rule 23 and Not Overfeed Paul in The Password Game

Screenshot by Prima Games

Rule 23 reads as “Paul has hatched! Please don’t forget to feed him, he eats three 🐛 every minute.”. So from now on, you’ll have to leave some worms for him somewhere in the password periodically. Leave them at the end, like in the image above, and you should be good. The rules for feeding Paul are:

  • Paul eats one worm every 20 seconds, or three worms per minute. 
  • If there are no worms 20s after he ate the last one, it’s game over.
  • You can place multiple worms at once.
  • If there are too many worms at the password, he gets overfed and dies.

So how do we avoid overfeeding him and not having to watch constantly for his (lack of) worms? By placing a maximum of three worms at a time. If you place four or more at once, he will be overfed in the next 20 seconds.

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So regardless of what you do, you’ll have to keep the 🐛 emoji at all times in your clipboard. This continues for the entirety of the game. No exceptions. It should be obvious by now, but the goal is to get more and more complicated as the game continues, and you’ll inevitably break some previous rules thanks to some of the new ones.

The first big test will be held right after in Rule 24, where you’ll probably start hating Paul with every single fiber of your being. And if you somehow manage to do it, you’re still not even in the game’s final stage. 

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