How to Loot Destroyed Ships in Starfield
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How to Mine Asteroids in Starfield

Not gonna find diamonds here, but there's still valuable stuff!

Mining away on planets in Starfield can be a good way to get very specific resources, especially if you scan that planet beforehand so you know what sort of resources you’ll find. When you’re out and about though, you might want some random resources so you’ll have a stockpile for later. Here’s how to mine asteroids in Starfield.

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How to Get Asteroid Loot in Starfield

Starfield Asteroid Mining
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To mine asteroids in Starfield, it’s best that you first find an asteroid field near a planet. You can mine single ones, but if you’re going to put one foot in, you may as well go all the way. Once you do find an asteroid you want to mine, start lighting it up with your ship. They aren’t healthy and should go down in just a few hits. Once it’s destroyed, it’ll drop a Mineral Deposit. You can access it by pressing either E on your keyboard or the A button on your controller.

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What Can You Get From Mining Asteroids?

Starfield Mineral Deposit
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When breaking apart asteroids and finding Mineral Deposits, you’ll find yourself snagging a whole lot of Iron that increases with the size of asteroid you break. More rarely, you might find a few pieces of Nickel scattered among the wreckage. As for whether mining asteroids like this is worth it, it really depends on how much you need either resource. If you do need some, then mine to your heart’s content! Otherwise, there are better uses of your time.

If you are going to start mining, keep a close eye on that Cargo Hold of yours. Depending on how much space it has you can hold a lot of stuff, but each piece of Iron holds a mass of 0.60. That adds up very fast.

Mining a lot of resources can help when it comes time to build a home, which we can help with through our outpost building guide for Starfield.

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