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How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft (2023)

The speed of water elevators is a refreshing change.

by Shawn Robinson
Minecraft Water Elevator

Traversal in Minecraft is a seemingly simple prospect that can get complicated if you’re looking to minimize travel time. Simple movement like running plus jumping or riding a boat can certainly suffice, but that’s far from enough for most Minecraft players. Some even go as far as to create long strings of ice and glass panes so they can traverse the Nether at insane speeds. The same can be said for traveling up and down, with one method being favored by most. Here’s how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.

How to Create a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Before making a water elevator, there are a few materials you’re going to need. Depending on if this elevator is underground or above ground, you might need a heap of building blocks. You’ll also need quite a lot of water, alongside a piece of Soul Sand and a Magma Block. Optionally, having a heap of kelp can assist later on. Once you have the supplies, create two 1×1 tunnels to whatever height you want the elevator to be. Break the bottom block of both, then replace one space with Soul Sand (the tunnel you want to go up) and the other with the Magma block (the one you want to go down).

Once you have both of them in place, there are two options for how you can set up the water. The first method is to replace every space in the tunnel with water. Yes, that means you sadly can’t just place water at the top and let it flow down. They all must be source blocks of water. With that being said, there’s a much easier method if you have some kelp lying around. Follow the steps as shown above, but when it comes to placing the water, only place water at the very top. Then, place kelp until it reaches the top of the water. Break the bottom of the kelp stem, and all water should be source blocks.

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There you have it! Whichever tunnel you step into will go up or down, depending on which one has the Soul Sand and which has the Magma Block. It’ll be quite fast too, and you can’t drown while going up or down either. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide on when Minecraft was made. It’s a very old game.

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