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How to Make a Pretty Flower Basket in Disney Dreamlight Valley

WALL-E loves his flowers!

by Madison Benson
Pretty Flower Basket in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Easter Eggstravaganza event is now live, and with it comes some quests and goodies! However, rather than including additions to the main story, these new missions are daily and weekly tasks that reward you with exclusive eggs. The first item on the list is the create a flower basket for WALL-E, but figuring out how to gather the materials for it can be a bit challenging at first. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to make a pretty flower basket in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Make a Pretty Flower Basket in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The pretty flower basket is a functional furniture item you can make at a crafting station. By heading into your crafting recipe list and selecting Functional Items, you will find it alongside stoves, storage chests and other miscellaneous objects.

To make one variation of the basket, you need the following items:

  • Yellow Daisy x2
  • Purple Rising Penstemon x2
  • Green Rising Penstemon x1
  • Fiber x1

However, this isn’t the only recipe for this daily quests. Below is another example:

  • White Daisy x2
  • Red Falling Penstemon x2
  • Green Rising Penstemon x1
  • Fiber x1

Gathering the Materials

Fortunately, you can get all these items once you can access the Peaceful Meadow. Daisies and Rising Penstemons appear in the meadow, so you must make sure you have plenty of space for some to grow. If you cannot find any or do not have enough to make the item, pick every flower in both areas and wait a couple of hours for more to spawn. You may also have to store some furniture to allow more space for flowers to appear.

If your recipe asks for falling Penstemons, you must search in the Plaza instead. Similarly, you may have to move some furniture or pick flowers and return later if you can’t find what you need.

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Fiber is also accessible after unlocking the meadow but requires gathering seaweed. You can get some along the shoreline of Dazzle Beach and fish some from Peaceful Meadow’s water sources. Just make sure you do not target any bubbling fishing circles, or you will catch fish instead. After getting some seaweed, bring it to the crafting station to make your fiber.

Making the Flower Basket

With all the required items on hand, return to the crafting station to make your pretty flower basket. You can then give it to WALL-E to finish the daily mission, rewarding you with Wild Spring Eggs, Egg-cellent Eggs and Spring V-EGG-table Eggs!

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