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How to Get All Easter Eggs in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event

Garsh, that's egg-cellent!

by Matt Vatankhah

The seasonal Eggstravaganza Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally here, lasting from April 8 all the way until April 29, 2023. It is the perfect time to hop in and join your friends to celebrate the arrival of Spring with all new Easter decorations, recipes, quests, and more. But what would an Easter event be without an Easter egg hunt? Here is how to get all the Easter Eggs in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event.

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How to Get All Easter Eggs in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event

The Eggstravaganza Event will have you searching for three different types of eggs around your whimsical valley, and each type is obtained in a specific way. These eggs are used for crafting the new Easter furniture decorations, as well as quests and other recipes. Here is how to get all three:

Wild Spring Eggs (Blue)

Wild Spring Eggs are blue-colored and can be found sitting on the ground in any zone. There is no real rhyme or reason in finding these, you will just have to wander around until you spot them.

Egg-cellent Fruit (Pink)

Egg-cellent Fruits are pink, and we are not exactly sure if they qualify as eggs or not, as you will only find them growing on various bushes around the valley. Either way, you will easily spot them as you circle around and check all the bushes around the land. Make sure to pick all other fruit bushes clean so the Egg-cellent Fruits have a chance to spawn.

Spring V-EGG-etable (Yellow)

Spring V-EGG-etables take a little more work to obtain. These yellow-colored eggs can only be harvested by planting V-EGG-etable Seeds in the ground and growing them yourself. However, you will have to craft the V-EGG-etable Seeds yourself with the following materials:

  • (1) Egg-cellent Fruit
  • (1) Wild Spring Egg
  • (20) Dreamlight

Once crafted, plant them in the ground like you would any other seed, and wait for them to grow.

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To maximize your Egg-hunting capabilities, grow yourself a decently sized Spring V-EGG-etable garden. When it is time to harvest, bring along a buddy that excels in Gardening, and they will shower you in the other two types of eggs while you pick through your garden.

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