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How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

Oven, Light Source, and Decoration

by Jordan Lemons

It may have taken a few updates, but Minecraft did come out with a curious invention that is both great for aesthetics and perfect for beginner Minecrafters when starting a new world: the Campfire. 

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Minecraft – What is a Campfire?

Having originally only been limited to lighting up your starter camp with a few torches, another easy recipe to utilize is the Campfire. Although the lighting space is similar to that of a torch, the Campfire comes with a few more benefits than just a light source. 

One of which is cooking food. Placing food such as vegetables or meat on the Campfire will display the item on the Campfire. Without having to worry about using up Coal or other resources, the Campfire will cook the food over time and pop out the food once it is finished. It takes a bit longer than a Furnace and Smoker – 30 seconds in contrast to the 10 you’d be waiting at the Furnace. This is what makes the Campfire a great beginner item to help with light and cooking.

For later uses, the Campfire can be a great way to tame Bees. Not in the most conventional sort of way. Placing a Campfire underneath a Hive will pacify the Bees so that even if the Hive breaks, the Bees will not attack the Player. This can help you collect the Beehive to bring back to your camp for collecting Bees or Shearing the Beehive to get Honey Comb.

If you like playing among friends, using the Campfire can help identify where your Camp is located. Placing a Hay Bale underneath the Campfire will increase the Smoke range from 10 blocks of smoke rising to 24 blocks. 

How to Make a Campfire

The reason why Campfires are great for beginning your journey is that it is a relatively simple recipe. It doesn’t require Stone or a Furnace to create and will do multiple jobs for your startup camp. You will, however, need a Crafting Table. Needing no more than a tree and a Coal vein, you’ll need to align three Logs along the bottom row of 3×3 crafting space. This can be any type of Log, even if it’s stripped, it’ll work in the Campfire and can work if you have different types of Logs. 

A piece of Coal will need to be placed in the middle of the Crafting Table and the last item is Sticks. Creating a triangle around the Coal, you’ll place a Stick on either side of the Coal in the second row and another on Top of the Coal in the first row. With that, you’ll have a Campfire. Placing it down will automatically ignite it. While not completely invulnerable to being put out, you can reignite it with a Fire Arrow or a Flint and Steel. 

How to Make a Soul Campfire and What is the Difference

Like the Torch and Lantern, the Campfire has an alternate look. Replacing the Coal with Soul Sand or Soul Dirt can change the Campfire to Soul Campfire instead. Instead of a regular fire, you’ll have a blue flame. For the cost of your aesthetics, the light will radiate from 15 blocks to 10 ,but still has all the intended uses of the original Campfire for cooking and sedating Bees. 

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