How to Lock Items in Lost Ark

Is it really a big deal though? I mean you'll get a better drop later probably

Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO, meaning there’s a lot of clicking on monsters to kill them, and a lot of different progression systems and ways to grind. And interact with strangers, and be tempted to play real money for digital knick knacks. It also means there’s a lot of tinkering, and in Lost Ark’s case, dismantling loot. It’s easy to accidentally trash stuff you wanna keep. It’s less obvious than it should be, so here’s how to lock items in Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark Item Locking Guide

Lots of games with locking mechanisms for items or JPG waifus will simply provide the option as a regular part of the UI. But Lost Ark is a deceptively complicated game, whether or not it should be. That includes locking items, which requires a CTRL+Right Click command. Weird right?

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As an aside, it is also possible to have an item locked, but still available for upgrading. This requires a trip to Lost Ark’s settings menu. You’ll have to pull that up, then pick gameplay, then pick Controls and Display. On this big ol’ menu you’ll see “Enable Locked Enhancements” under the Item Settings section. Clicking that will let you take the following actions with locked items:

  • Engraving
  • Set Upgrade
  • Gear Honing/Gear Transfer
  • Gem Refaceting
  • Skill Tree Transfer
  • Skill Tree Inventory
  • Ability Stone Refaceting
  • Bracelet Bonus Granting

I am not entirely convinced “refaceting” is actually a real word, but there you have it. This is a weirdly necessary guide for an incredibly basic action. But that’s how it is in the land of video games sometimes. There’s a lot to do in Lost Ark, so much that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of by yourself. Sometimes that means tracking a limited-time event, sometimes it means picking up silly, little green seeds. But whatever it is, we’ll try to keep hacking away at it for our readers.

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