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How to Level Up Mechanics in Project Zomboid

Stay on the move, stay alive!

While most of us will spend time walking or crouching to avoid the zombie gaze, many prefer to ride in style using a repaired vehicle. Here is how to level up Mechanics in Project Zomboid to ensure you can traverse the map quicker.

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Level Up Mechanics Fast in Project Zomboid

The quickest way to level up mechanics in Project Zomboid is to track down the various manuals in the game. There are three currently:

  • Laines Auto Manual – Standard Models
  • Laines Auto Manual – Commercial Models
  • Laines Auto Manual – Performance Models

These skill magazines train you to work on various vehicles in the game, including Basic Mechanics, Intermediate Mechanics, and Advanced Mechanics. You will often find them in bookshops and auto mechanic shops. But if you start the game as the mechanic occupation, you will automatically receive the first two levels—Basic and Intermediate.

Project Zomboid Mechanics Skill
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But to really level up your Mechanics skill quickly, you’ll also want to track down skill books. These provide buffs to your XP gain, and you can find them most often in bookshops, libraries, and, surprisingly, gas stations. They include:

  • Mechanics Vol. 1
  • Mechanics Vol. 2
  • Mechanics Vol. 3
  • Mechanics Vol. 4
  • Mechanics Vol. 5

Alternatively, you can also scrap vehicles to increase your Mechanics skill. This method does, of course, leave the vehicle unable to function. You can’t drive it any longer.

What Does Mechanics Do in Project Zomboid?

You will use the Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid to uninstall and reinstall parts and make vehicle repairs. But you’ll need a few tools to perform repairs, including:

  • Jack: To remove tires and access the brakes and suspension.
  • Lug Wrench: To remove tires.
  • Tire Pump: To inflate tires.
  • Wrench: To remove large vehicle parts, like hoods, trunk lids, and doors.
  • Screwdriver: To remove small parts, like batteries, windows, and radios.
  • Propane Torch: To repair the hood, gas tank, and trunk lid.
  • Welder Mask: To use alongside the propane torch.
  • Metal Sheet: To use alongside the propane torch to make vehicle repairs.
  • Small Metal Sheet: To use alongside a propane torch for smaller vehicle repairs.
  • Glue: To repair car seats.
  • Duct Tape: To repair car seats.

Alternative Ways to Level Mechanics

If you don’t feel like spending potentially hours or days slowly leveling up your Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid, there are alternatives.

Besides manually leveling your skills, the two most common methods are installing a mod or using console commands. To use commands:

  • Hit ‘T’ to active game chat.
  • Type /addxp and designate the Mechanics skill.

This method will add the desired amount of experience points specifically to Mechanics.

Alternatively, there is a mod that many recommend. It’s called AutoMechanics and is available on the Steam Workshop. With AutoMechanics installed, you can walk up to any vehicle in the game, right-click on the hood, and then select the ‘Train Mechanics’ option to learn the ins and outs of the engine and vehicle. It’s a slow method but extremely useful.

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