All Project Zomboid Admin Commands You Need to Know

Take total control over the end of the least in your server!

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It’s quite the experience running a full-fledged zombie survival server where the entire community participates in the end of the world. But for total control, you must learn all Project Zomboid admin commands to keep on top of a budding community!

Every Project Zomboid Admin Command You’ll Need

There is a long list of console commands available to both players and server admins. You can spawn items, level up, set off an alarm, spawn the helicopter event, kick players, ban players, and whitelist the entire server. It’s a lot to take in!

/additemProvides a specific item to the designated player.
/addvehicleSpawns a vehicle for the designated player.
/addxpProvides the designated player with perk XP.
/alarmSets off a building alarm at your position.
/chopperActivates the helicopter event on a random player in the server.
/createhordeSpawns a horde near a designated player.
/godmodeActivates god mode for a designated player.
/gunshotProduces a loud gunshot near a designated player.
/invisibleTurn yourself or a designated player invisible.
/noclipActivates no clip on yourself or a designated player, allowing either to pass through objects.
/quitSaves the game and shuts down the server.
/releasesafehouseRelease a safe house that you have control over.
/reloadoptionsReload all server options.
/helpActivates the game’s help menu.
/replayRecords and replays the video of a designated player. (Good for checking for cheats!)
/sendpulseExamine all server performance info.
/saveSave the current world and server settings.
/showoptionsShow a list of current server options.
/changeoptionAlters a specific server setting.
/startrainStart rain weather on the server.
/stoprainStop rain weather on the server.
/teleportTeleport to a designated player.
/teleporttoTeleport to specific coordinates.
/addalltowhitelistAdd all current players to a whitelist.
/adduserAdd a new player to the whitelist.
/addusertowhitelistAdd a specific player to the whitelist.
/removeuserfromwhitelistRemove a specific player from the whitelist.
/banBan a specific player.
/voicebanBan a single player from using voice chat.
/unbanUnban a specific player.
/grantadminGrant a designated player admin controls.
/removeadminRemove admin controls from a player.
/kickuserKick a single user from the server.
/playersSee a list of all current players.
/servermsgSet the server message and broadcast it to all players at once.
/setaccesslevelSet a player’s access/permission levels.

For many of these console commands, you will need to add the [user] (without the brackets) and the item code, perk code, or value for any stat you’d like to alter.

How to Access Console Commands in Project Zomboid

As a server host, you should have multiple ways to access the admin command panel. For starters, your hosting service may offer a control panel that allows direct control of the entire server from your web browser. Here, you can insert commands via the “Console” selection.

But the most efficient way is to input console commands via the in-game chat. For that, press ‘T’ to access the server chat, then enter your command. You will need admin control to activate said commands in multiplayer, however.

Even with console commands, you want the best possible chance at surviving the zombie apocalypse, so learn how to board up windows in Project Zomboid!

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