How to Leave the Morgue in the Sheriff’s Office in Alan Wake 2


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The first real challenge of the game isn’t the reanimated corpse of Nightingale, it’s finding a way out of the morgue. Here’s how to get out of the morgue in Alan Wake 2.

Dealing With Nightingale

To deal with Nightingale, you first have to find Nightingale’s missing heart. You can find the missing heart at the General Store inside of the fridge. However, you’ll need to clear a few objectives before you can get the heart.

  1. Enter the Mind Palace and arrange the Case Files.
  2. Locate all of Nightingale’s manuscript pages.
  3. Nightingale must be profiled about 6 times within the Mind Palace.

Once you’ve completed those steps and gathered Nightingale’s heart, make way to the Witch’s Ladle tree. It’s a little tricky after that point, so

How to Leave the Morgue in Alan Wake 2

So, you’ve managed to fight off Nightingale, only to be left in the ramshackle, blood-streaked morgue. You can try to leave once the cutscene is over, but you’ll find that the main doors can’t be interacted with and the other two doors are locked.

So, what are you meant to do? Easy, to leave the morgue in the Sheriff Station in Alan Wake 2. You need to update the Murder at Cauldron Lake case.

Yep. Even though we’ve received half a dozen or so hints that Nightingale is at Cauldron Lake, Anderson must access her Mind Place to painstakingly put the clues together. Here’s the precise order in which you need to do things.

  • First, grab the Manuscript Page beside the police officer’s dead body beside Casey.
  • Next, speak through all the dialogue options with Casey.
  • Then, open the Mind Place menu.
  • Access your cases and ensure you’re on “Cauldron Lake Murders.”
  • Pull up your evidence cards.
  • Select “Nightingale Attacked Us” and hit the Case Board generally. This will create a new row.
  • Pull up your evidence cards again and select the first Manuscript Page.
  • Use it on the “Nightingale Attacked Us” card. This will create “Where Did Nightingale Go?”
  • Use the second Manuscript page on the “Where Did Nightingale Go?” card.

Leave the Mind Place and Casey will have a new dialogue. Casey will then walk off to the doors. The other police officers will open the door, and literally, no one seems to care about the fact that two of their brothers and sisters in arms are dead. Like, one is literally bleeding at their feet.

But that’s small-town cop life, we guess. At least you’ve escaped the morgue in the Sheriff’s Office in Alan Wake 2.

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