All Missable Collectibles in Alan Wake 2 and How to Get Them, Listed

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There’s no shortage of things to collect in Alan Wake 2, but the worst is accidentally missing one. Here are all the missable collectibles in Alan Wake 2 and how to get them.

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All Missable Collectibles in Alan Wake 2 and How to Get Them, Listed

As you unravel the mystery surrounding Cauldron Lake, Alan Wake, and the Cult of the Trees, you’ll find yourself practically tripping over all the collectibles. There are Cult Stashes, Lunch Boxes, Nursery Rhyme Dolls, Charms, and even commercials! And all of it totals 112 possible collectibles.

But only four of those collectibles are missable. I’ll note each chapter you can find them in and how you can obtain them, spoiler-free:

  • Return 1 / 3: Koskela Brother Commercial.
  • Return 3: Writer’s Journey Video.
  • Initiation 5: Writer’s Journey Video.
  • Initiation 8: Writer’s Journey.

Return 1: Invitation OR Return 3: Local Girl – Koskela Brother Commercial

This commercial can be triggered twice, during the first chapter or Saga’s third chapter. You can trigger this commercial once you walk into the sheriff’s office for the first time. Head left from the front desk, and it will be the second room down the corridor.

The TV on the wall can be interacted with, and you can watch the commercial in full. It’s pretty great. But after Return 3, you’ll no longer be able to trigger it.

Return 3: Local Girl – Writer’s Journey Video: The Dark Presence

Return 3: Local Girl is part of Saga’s quest line. While in Watery, go to Vision TV Shop and approach the televisions. This will trigger the video.

The Writer’s Journey Video: The Dark Presence will be available until the end of Initiation 5: 665. But after that Chapter, it’s locked off!

Initiation 5: Room 665 – Writer’s Journey Video: Visions

In the Oceanview Hotel, head into Room 101. Initially, this room will be locked, but you can find the key in the Ballroom break room. Once inside, you’ll find a television above the fireplace, where you can watch this video.

You must watch this video before leaving the hotel!

Initiation 8: Zane’s Film – Writer’s Journey: Initiation

This is the easiest one to miss! That’s because you have to be very intentional about triggering it. There are some mild spoilers here, for the sake of clarity.

After entering the movie screen, your objective will be to find the projector. You’ll enter the projector room during your third circuit around the area. There’s a television in the dark in the open exit door. You must approach it to get it to trigger.

Do not leave the area without triggering it. Opening the door is not enough to trigger it!

Technically, Every Collectible in Alan Wake 2 is Missable

For both Alan and Saga, there’s a Point of No Return. Once you hit this point, you’ll no longer be able to backtrack to gather the 100+ collectibles scattered throughout the game.

For Saga, the Point of No Return is at the end of Return 6: Scratch. You’ll get a clear marker and be prompted to save.

Alan’s Point of Return is at the end of Initiation 8: Zane’s Film. Unlike Saga, you won’t get a clear marker for Alan’s Point of No Return, so be sure to gather everything you need before you reach this point.

The Mayor Setter’s Charm

You’ll find many of the collectables in Alan Wake 2 while playing as Saga, and there’s a single item you can give to her that will make collecting many items, including a few of the missables, far easier: it’s the Mayor Setter’s Charm, and it’ll reveal collectables on the map for you.

To get the Mayor Setter’s Charm, you’ll need to interact with the Mayor Setter campaign signs located in each area. There are six total, and you can find all of them by Return 5: Old Gods. Interact with the signs to have Saga read them aloud, and a yellow sticky note with the read slogan will appear on a board in Saga’s Mind Place.

Once you’ve found all six Mayor Setter placards, you’ll want to go to Suomi Hall in Watery and meet the mayoral candidate. Doing so will reward you with the Mayor Setter’s Charm, and you can then equip it and go back and gather any collectables you’ve missed. Just note that the charm won’t quite reveal everything, and you won’t be able to share the charm with Alan Wake.

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