How to Reveal All Collectibles With Mayor Setter Charm in Alan Wake 2

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Finding all the collectibles can be a difficult task in Alan Wake 2, and for this reason, we have come up with a guide on how you can reveal all the nearby collectibles to make it easier to find them.

How to Get the Mayor Setter Charm in Alan Wake 2

To reveal all the collectibles near you on the map, you need to get the Mayor Setter Charm. However, before you get the Mayor Setter Charm, you must find Six Mayor Setter Placards scattered in Bright Falls and Watery.

Below are the locations for all the placards that you need to find:

Bright Falls Mayor Setter Placard Locations

There are THREE Mayor Setter placards that you will find in Bright Falls. These are:

Placard #1 – Return 1

Mayor Placard 1.
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Starting from Harbor Street near the Elderwood Palace Lodge, take a left on the road near the lodge and go towards the end of the street. You will find the placards in front of the wooden fence.

Placard #2 – Return 1

Oh Deer Diner 2.
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Go towards the end of Harbor Street and look for the Oh Deer Diner. Look across the street from the diner to find the placards outside Clay’s Clam House.

Placard #3 – Return 5

Wellness Center 3.
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You will find the last placard in Bright Falls right in front of the Wellness Center, adjacent to the Valhalla Nursing Home.

Watery Mayor Setter Placard Locations

The last three placards will be found in Watery during Chapter 3 while playing as Saga Anderson. These are:

Placard #4 – Return 3

Watery 1. Alan Wake 2.
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When you visit Watery for the first time and park your car, look to your right to find the placards with a person standing next to it.

Placard #5 – Return 3

Coffee World 5
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On the path to the Huotari Well from Coffee World, you will find the placards in the park.

Placard #6 – Return 3

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As you approach the Lighthouse Trailer Park, you will see the placards right outside the gate of the lighthouse.

After you have collected all six of the Mayor Setter placards in Bright Falls and Watery, go back to the start of Watery, where you parked the car, and enter Suomi Hall.

Suomi Hall 6.
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Inside the main hall, go towards the stage. You will find the true identity of the mayor, who is a dog running a campaign to become the mayor of the town. Interacting with the dog will get you the Mayor Setter Charm. It will also unlock the The Nice Things in Life trophy.

When you equip the Mayor Setter Charm, it will reveal all the nearby collectibles on the map, such as Lunchboxes, Nursery Rhymes, and Cult Stashes. You can now easily collect the missing collectible items by following their marker on the map.

If you are still struggling to find collectibles or have missed some when progressing through the story, check out our guide on All Missable Collectibles in Alan Wake 2 and How to Get Them.

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