How to Kick Bots in CS2

Everything you need to know about Bot Commands in CS2

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Bots are very useful for newcomers to ease up the process of learning basic game mechanics and maps because throwing someone in the fire with real players immediately may be counterproductive and make them give up on the game too early. However, a time comes when the player is supposed to leave the bot nest and go out in the real world, with real matches, against real players. Here’s how to kick and remove all bots from your game in CS2.

How to Remove Bots in CS2

To kick bots from your CS2 session/server, you will need to use the Developer Console. In case you have not enabled it yet, check out our guide on how to open the Console in CS2.

After opening the console by pressing the “~” key, type the following commands, depending on the action that you want to take:

  • bot_kick – kicks ALL of the bots.
  • bot_kick T – kicks all T-side bots only.
  • bot_kick CT – kicks all CT-side bots only.
  • mp_autoteambalance – has values of 0 and 1, which you can assign (or True or False). For example, if you want to fight alone against the bots, and you are a T, you should use “bot_kick T” to kick all T bots and then set “mp_autoteambalance 0” to disable the team balance. This is done to prevent bots from auto-hopping to the other team to even the number of players in the teams.
  • mp_limitteams – has values of 1 and 0, where 1 should prevent bots from rejoining your game.
  • bot_quota – has values between 0 and the maximum server size, and decides how many bots you will have in the game.
  • bot_kick Bob – this command will kick the bot named Bob. Replace “Bob” with any other bot name to kick that specific bot out of your game.
  • bot_stop – makes the bots stop wherever they are at the moment. Has values of 1 and 0.
  • bot_knives_only – also has values of 1 and 0, where 1 instructs the bots only to use knives.
  • bot_add – adds a bot.
  • bot_add_ct – adds one bot to CT team.
  • bot_add_t – adds one bot to T team.

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