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How to Change Microphone Input in CS:GO – Explained

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by Nikola L

It’s common to have multiple microphones connected to your PC, such as a studio microphone and a headphone microphone. Sometimes, you may even have a virtual hardware microphone or a peripheral device like a joypad with its own microphone. However, these devices can “hijack” your default microphone selection when they are plugged in. All of these factors may disable your microphone usage in CS:GO, and Prima Games is here to help you fix this and manually change your microphone input in CS:GO.

Microphone Not Working in CS:GO But Working Elsewhere

The situation described above is one of many reasons why your microphone could be not working in CS:GO, but it works in other programs and games. Make sure to check that voice_enable is set to 1 and that your Audio settings are adjusted properly within CS:GO (check if you have disabled something by any chance) and that when you press your Push to Talk button, your name appears in the bottom corner of your screen.

How to Change Mic Input in CS:GO

If you want to change your Microphone input in CS:GO, you’ll have a bad time if you try to change it within CS:GO’s options or settings, because this feature simply does not exist there. Weird, right? Now, you may be wondering where you can change the mic input in CS:GO. Close down CS:GO, you don’t need it now. I’ll show you the few steps needed to change the mic output.

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Open Steam, then open Friends and Chat in the bottom-right corner, and when you get your friends list out, find the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner, under the close window “X” button. In the Settings menu that comes out (Friends List Settings) hit the Voice section on the left side. See the screenshot below for reference.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Now, you are aiming for the Voice Input Device. There, you will be able to select your default microphone. After you make the selection and save the settings, try jumping into CS:GO again and test it out. Or test it out in this same window if you want to conduct a double-check.

That should do it!

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