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How To Investigate Kagha And The Shadow Druids in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Can child murdering snakes be redeemed?

Kagha might be one of the first genuine villains you meet in Baldur’s Gate 3. You know, after all the Mind Flayers. But there’s a little more to her than meets the eyes. Here’s how to complete the quest Investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Complete Investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

What type of person threatens a child with the death penalty? The viper loving Kagha from the Emerald Grove, that’s who. And wouldn’t you know it, it seems that she’s up to something distinctly nefarious. Here’s how to complete the Inverstigate Kagha questline Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Start the Investigate Kagha Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get this quest started, you’ll need to enter the Emerald Grove and speak to Zevlor. Zevlor is the Tiefling you’ll meet once you enter the grove, who’s in a fight with the human man who almost got skewered by goblins at the Grove’s doors. Zevlor will start off your quest ‘Save the Refugees’.

This quest will then instruct you to find Kagha in the Druids’ chambers to the left of the Statue of Silvanus.

Inside, you can find Kagha threatening Arabella, a Tiefling child, with a snake. You can persuade her to free Arabella or not. For this quest, both outcomes are fine.

Then, once you’ve spoken to Kagha, you can examine the Druids’ rooms fully. To the left of the main chamber when you enter will be a stone table. On this stone table will be a scroll entitled ‘Rite of Thorns’. Read it, and this will begin the quest.

Rite of Thorns
Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Complete the Investigate Kagha Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here’s the quick way of how to complete the Investigate Kagha Quest:

  • Examine the Rites of Thorns scroll in the Druid’s room.
  • Open Kagha’s Chest and read the Half-Torn letter.
  • Go to the letter drop off at the very south of the map.
  • Confront Kagha.

Once you’ve examined the Rite of Thorns, you don’t have to go far. In the same room, you’ll see Kagha’s Chest hidden behind a bookcase. It helps if you press the ‘ALT’ key on keyboard or the right analogue stick if you’re on controller. This will highlight all interactable items of interest in the vicinity.

Kagha's Chest
Screenshot by Prima Games

Kagha’s Chest is locked. You can lockpick it very easily, as it’s hidden out of sight. Or you can pickpocket it off Kagha herself. Kagha likes to hang out in the main room, which makes this feat very difficult unless you have invisibility or very high stealth. You can pull it off, of course, even at low levels. But it’s less time consuming to lockpick it.

Once you open Kagha’s Chest, you’ll find a Half-Torn letter. This letter will give you a location to pick up the next letter, in the far south of the map.

To get to these coordinates, you’ll have to go south from the Blighted Village. Keep going South until you hit water, then use the stones to jump to the island where the next note is located.


Be wary! There are plenty of difficult enemies on the island where the note can be found, if you’re still low level. Prioritize killing the Ancient Mud Mephit, as they’ll summon more Mephits.

Once you’ve cleared out the island, investigate the massive trunk at the center, close to where you find the chest. You’ll find another letter.

Wooden Crevice with letter
Screenshot by Prima Games

This will be all the evidence we need. Now it’s time to confront Kagha.

Confronting Kagha in the Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3

Kagha will be in the Drudis’ chambers beside the Idol of Silvanus. Speak to her, and you’ll reveal to everyone within that Kagha was conspiring with the Shadow Druids. The Shadow Druids convinced Kagha to start the Rite of Thorns to save the grove from the wave of Drow and Goblins coming to the grove.

But in return, they want the Emerald Grove for themselves.

Shadow Grove druid
Screenshots by Prima Games

You now have two options. You can fight and kill Kagha or persuade her. Either way, the result is the same. The grove will be saved from the Shadow Druids’ plans, but the Tieflings will still have to leave.

If you choose to attack Kagha outright, you’ll have to fight against her and the three Shadow Druids. If you opt to Persuade Kagha to see the light (who doesn’t love a good pun), she’ll join you in the fight against the Shadow Druids. But to succeed at persuading her, you’ll need to pass two persuasion checks. If that’s your goal, have a high Charisma character speak to her before starting the cut scene.

If you went with the persuasion route, she’ll be extremely repentant. It’s almost enough to make me forget that she wanted to kill a Tiefling child.

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