How to Install and Use Meaningful Stories Mod in The Sims 4

Are your Sims too happy all the time? Let's change that.

The Sims 4 how to install Meaningful Stories mod
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Some mods and custom content allow you to change your Sims’ appearances and clothes, while others influence gameplay mechanics. Here’s a complete guide to installing and understanding the features of The Sims 4’s Meaningful Stories mod by roBurky.

How to Install The Sims 4 Meaningful Stories Mod

Below is a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the Sims 4 Meaningful Stories mod:

  1. Head to roBurky’s Meaningful Stories page and download the zip file.
  2. Find the zip file and extract the mod files.
  3. Copy your extracted files into The Sims 4’s mod folder.
  4. Launch the game, head into Game Options > Other, and enable Custom Content and Script Mods
  5. Restart The Sims 4

Once you restart the game, you can access the Meaningful Stories mod’s features to your heart’s content.

How to Find Your Mods Folder

By default, you’ll find your Mods folder by heading to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Once you find the folder, place your Meaningful Stories zip file inside and extract the mod files. Afterward, you have all the mod’s features after enabling custom content and restarting the game.

The Sims 4 Meaningful Stories Mod Features

The Meaningful Stories mod for The Sims 4 completely revamps Sims’ emotions. It adds realism to the game by redesigning how positive and negative moodlets influence each other alongside their durations.

Below are some notable features of the Meaningful Stories mod:

  • Uncomfortable moodlets boost other negative emotions such as sad, embarrassment, and tense.
  • Emotions last longer but are more challenging to obtain and are less predictable.
  • “True Happiness” results from significant events like marriage, having a child, and making a new good friend. Otherwise, your Sim will feel fine rather than happy.
  • In-game Meaningful Stories menu to change mood, environment, and moodlet settings.

In other words, your Sims will generally not default to being happy. Instead, they’ll feel “fine”, and many happy moodlets will boost their “fine” emotion, with significant positive and negative emotions taking over in certain situations. Severe negative events like the death of a loved one will also last much longer for added realism.

On the flip side, significant positive events and life goals will contribute to a Sim’s true happiness, making it feel like a genuine accomplishment when they’re happy.

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