How to Install 30 Unique Ship Modules in Starfield

Getting this challenge completed is painful without pen and paper.

Starfield Kepler R Ship
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When leveling your skills in Starfield, there’s a lot more to it than simply getting XP, scoring that level up, and putting the point into that skill. Excluding the level 1 variant of that skill, every level afterward requires you to meet a prerequisite that’s exclusive to that skill. For Starship Design, how you pull it off can be a little confusing. Here’s how to install 30 unique ship modules in Starfield.

How to Get Unique Ship Modules in Starfield

Starfield Nova Galactic Ship Parts
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Unique ship modules in Starfield are just about what they sound like. Every time you install a ship module that you’ve never installed before, it puts one point toward the challenge. This includes every ship part type, between Habs, Engines, Structural, Grav drives, and more. Once you’ve placed them on the ship and confirmed them, you’re safe to sell them later. Just do this with 30 different unique ship modules, and you’re set.

If I may make a suggestion, you should use Structural ship modules to complete this challenge over other parts. These are the cheapest type of ship parts available, and there are a lot of them to place on a ship. Spamming these should get the challenge done quickly. The only unfortunate part is the inability to track which ship parts you’ve used in the past. You’ll have to keep track of this yourself.

How to Get Access to More Unique Ship Modules in Starfield

Starfield Star Eagle Ship Builder
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If, for whatever reason, you need more unique ship modules, then you’ll need to visit some other Ship Services Technicians in the universe. We have a link above including the locations of all Technicians, but here are the locations for each Technician that offers unique parts to their manufacturer:

  • Taiyo Astroneering, Ryujin Industries Tower in Neon.
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard, found in the Narion system.
  • Hopetown, on the planet of Polvo in the Valo system.
  • Deimos Staryard, found in the Sol system.
  • New Homestead, found in the Sol system.

Visiting each of these and purchasing their parts should easily get you all the unique ship parts you need.

If you’re looking for more information regarding ships, check out our guide on the best Reactor in Starfield.

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