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How to Increase Your Zonai Battery in Tears of the Kingdom

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by Patrick Souza
Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Battery

Link relies on spending his Zonai Battery charges whenever he wants to use any Zonai Device in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, such as Fans or Flame Emitters. It depletes quickly as you use them, so your use is often restricted by that. Fortunately, it’s possible to upgrade this battery to new heights as long as you’re dedicated enough to exploring the Depths of Hyrule. Gotta make those tanks run by themselves. Here’s how to increase your Zonai Battery in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Increase Zonai Battery Limit in TotK

You can break your usual battery limit by delivering 100 Crystallized Charges to the Steward Construct next to the Lookout Landing. The exact location is at the -0217, 0194, 0031 coordinates, and the Construct is at the top of the rock, in front of a shrine-like building.

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Battery Location
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There’s also another Steward Construct that does exactly the same job in the Great Sky Island located in the Mining Cave at -0367, -1651, 2298 you visit during the initial hours, but it’s way less convenient to reach it when compared to our little fella here on the Lookout. Unless you have other business around the mine, it might be better to stick to the lands.

Regardless of which Steward you choose to meet, the bigger challenge will be to actually get all of those Crystallized Charges. They can be obtained mostly from chests and certain Boss enemies in the Depths, so it’s not something you can easily do without having some good hours spent in the game exploring those profound areas filled with hazards. 

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Some shops, such as the one in the Mining Cave or another one in the Great Abandoned Mine, will also sell you some Crystallized Charges and are a fairly easier source for those. However, their quantities are limited per day, and you’ll need to farm lots of Zonaite from the Depths, so make sure to explore those areas well before coming back to upgrade your charges.

What’s the Maximum Amount of Battery Charges?

After repeatedly putting those Stewards to work with those Crystallized Charges, you’ll eventually reach a cap on your battery. As much as Link has shown himself to be energetic, everything has its limits. You can have up to 8 full batteries (3 charges each), and they can be doubled after you unlock them. Charges turn blue after they’re expanded, ramping up the limit up to 16 full batteries.

After you reach your maximum cap (which will probably cost you your sanity and a few hundred hours clocked in when doing it in legit methods), the Stewards will exchange any remaining Crystallized Charges for Zonai Devices directly. At this point you probably also have lots of different methods to get extras of these, but hey, a new method always helps!

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