How to Increase your Charisma Skill in The Sims 4

Time to improve some social skills!

How to Increase your Charisma Skill in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, it’s possible to smooth-talk your way out of any situation. With a quick apology, you can make someone forgive you instantly. You can often turn an enemy back into a friend with the right dialogue options. The easiest way to do this is by having high charisma and unlocking conversation topics like Brighten Day, Sweet Talk, or asking for a loan if you want to make money. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to increase your charisma skill in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4: How to Increase Your Charisma Skill

Charisma is a skill you boost as you host parties and talk to other Sims while in a confident or happy mood. While talking to a Sim slowly advances the skill, hosting a successful party boosts your charisma significantly. Alternatively, you can use the “Practice Speech” option in a mirror to progress in the charisma skill without speaking to a single person.

Of these three options, hosting a party is the quickest and easiest way if you can consistently get silver and gold medals in your events. A gold medal at a dinner or house party can skyrocket your charisma by several levels and get you from level one to ten in no time.

Being in a happy or confident mood will also boost your odds of succeeding in conversations with other Sims and increase the rate at which you gain skill progress. However, if you’re hosting a party, you may encounter tasks to be in a flirty or playful mood, so watch out for these if you’re trying to get a gold medal.

If you want to get through your playthrough without speaking to other Sims, you can use a mirror to practice your speech or purchase a skill book and read it. Unfortunately, reading skill books is the slowest way to gain progress; only resort to this if you have no other option.

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