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How to Increase Spell Damage in Hogwarts Legacy

Get rid of the spell sponges.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Talent Points

Your professors in Hogwarts Legacy will spend their time providing you with assignments on the side that eventually lead to learning some new spells. However, they can’t teach you how to increase your spell damage, so you’ll have to figure that piece out on your own.

Some of the base spells can do decent damage, but it’s not uncommon for enemies later in the game to become sponges that eat through basic casts and abilities. To combat that problem, we’re going to discuss a few different ways that you can increase your overall damage in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Increase Spell Damage

Three main methods exist to increase the damage you deal in the game. The first involves the general gear that you’ll find as you explore or complete quests. Each piece of gear comes with a defense or an offense stat that can also be increased with upgrades at the Enchanted Loom. These stats will combine to give you an overall offense number, which is where most of your damage comes from. Get the better gear for a massive bump in damage.

Second, on the list is the traits feature within Hogwarts Legacy. As you clear bandit camps, you’ll learn new traits that can then be crafted into your gear, depending on the rarity. Many of these traits can increase the damage of specific spells, Ancient Magic, or your damage in total. They are more specific but they can make a massive impact on spell damage.

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The last method is temporary and it involves potion-making. Using the Maxima Potion will increase your spell damage for a short duration in Hogwarts Legacy. Though they are finite resources, you can use the Room of Requirement to start churning out the Maxima Potions and ensure you always have a supply.

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