How to Increase Pal Sanity in Palworld

Keep them sane and happy.

Palworld increase sanity
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The health of your Pals is extremely important in Palworld, as you truly care for them and want them to work nonstop to harvest more materials at your base. Pals running low on Sanity will stop all their work, so here is how to increase the sanity of your Pals.

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How to Restore Pal Sanity in Palworld

Pal Sanity can be increased in a variety of ways, but it is important to know what Sanity is. Sanity is what drives Pals to do various tasks around the base. Pals can just stop working if their Sanity is too low from being overworked.

The first method to increasing Pal Sanity is building enough beds in the base. Each pal that roams inside your base requires a bed, or else they will become stressed if they do not have a place to sleep.

It is one of the first base fixtures you will build and does not require many resources to make. Making more beds is much easier than constantly switching out tired Pals from the Palbox.

The next method is to keep your base stocked with food and easily accessible with the Feed Box. The Feed Box allows the Pals to feed themselves as long as there is food contained in it. Berries are plentiful in the environment and are one of the first crops to farm. You can automate the process by having the Pals grow your crops and transport it right to the Feed box.

A later game method is to build a Hot Spring. The Hot Spring restores Sanity, and the Pals will automatically hop in when feeling too stressed out. It is unlocked at Technology level nine and does not take up much room at your base.

To know more about your Pals in Palworld, check out our guide on effectiveness and weakness chart of different types of Pals.

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